On the western coast of Finland – Day 4


Trip duration: 7 days

Ekaterina Shmelkova

Petra's Cafe

Cafés, Bakeries, Restaurants

At the end of the ice age, the skerries and islands which were rising from the water merged, as a result, the place where now the center of the city of Pori is located, that was founded in 1558 at the mouth of the Kokemyanyoki River, was moved more than 20 km away from the sea.


Capitol Buildings

The house of the city council that built in the Venetian style will attract your attention.


Reposaari / Räfsö


You can take a short excursion in the fishing village of Reposaari.


Italian Restaurants

Satakunnan Museo


Long Gong

Chinese Restaurants

Porin Teatteri


We offer you a visit to one of the Finnish theaters in Pori. As an alternative you can go to the annual international jazz festival Pori Jazz, which held on the island of Kiriurinluoto.