On the western coast of Finland – Day 2


Trip duration: 7 days

Ekaterina Shmelkova


Coffee Shops

Tapiolan kirkko


The attraction of the city of Espoo, in this part of the country where the first settlers have appeared, is a garden city of Tapiola, that was built after 1951 by the projects of the famous architects Reima Pietil and Arne Ervi. The city was named after the fairy-tale king of the forests of Tapioca - it was required to build a residential area for 30 thousand people in the depths of the northern forest, and the district was intended for people from all segments of society. The church of Tapiola is part of the garden city and deserves your attention as well as the whole city.

Gallen-Kallelan museo

History Museums

The atmosphere of the XIX-XX centuries, when the Finnish art defined its tasks in a new way, was reflected in the architecture of the house-museum of Axel Gallon-Kallela, who was a painter and a graphic artist.

Tapiola Pizza

Pizza Places



Many modern architectural ideas, that were realized in Tapiola and Otaniemi, were created by such geniuses as Eliel Saarinen, Arman Lindgren and Hermann Gezellius. They have reflected their understanding of the problems of architecture in the creation of the house-museum of Hvittrask in Kirkkonummi, that was built in 1902 from granite and pine. Three architects made the dream of "Finnish architecture" come true in this apartment complex. Elements of peasant houses of Karelians, medieval fortresses and Art Nouveau were combined here, forming altogether a harmonious composition. However the decor was supposed to play a secondary role, and the functionality of the building and the clarity of the lines came to the foreground. Today most of the art exhibitions are held here. There is a restaurant in the Art Nouveau style with appropriate furnishings.

Kirjakkalan Ruukkikylä


Other Great Outdoors

The next point of our route is the idyllic town that is called Tammisaari. The Swedish city name is Ekenes, it means "oak forest". The seaside gives peace and rest as well as a walk to the natural park of Ramsholm, which is located on the peninsula of Barken. Rare species of plants and songbirds are preserved here. It’s also worth to see the ruins of the fortress of Raasepori, dating about the XV century.


Seafood Restaurants

The restaurant is located on stilts; visitors have a view on the skerries (small rocky islands near the coast, separated by narrow straits).

Kungsgatan (Kuninkaankatu)

Pedestrian Plazas

Do a nice evening promenade around the city.