Old Picturesque Villages Near London – Day 7: Majestic castles

Today you will visit many castles each of them with its own individuality and is completely different from each other so get ready to enjoy.
Old Picturesque Villages Near London

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Rochester Castle


This is one of the first stone castles in England and the highest of them. The English city of Rochester, standing on the ancient Roman road (Watling Street) from Dover to Canterbury, was a strategically important fortress from ancient times. The first stone fortifications in Rochester were built by the Romans. Some of these fortifications have survived to our time, being built into the city wall. In 1870, the Rochester Corporation rented a castle from the then owner Lord of Jersey and organized an amusement park there. And in 1884, for 6572 pounds, the castle was bought and restoration of the dungeon began. Since 1965, the castle is in the registry of the Ministry of Public Rear and Works, and since 1980 under the control of the organization English Heritage.

Leeds Castle


Rich in history and events castle, which can often be found in history, and with which the history of England is inextricably linked. The name of Leeds Castle is derived from the name of its first owner Señora Lida. It was she, who in 857 built a small wooden fortress on this site. The first facts about the castle date back to the end of the eleventh century. The castle consists of four forts, each of which was capable of self defense. At the entrance, closest to the shore, is the gate tower with the Barbican. The stone bridge that you go to the castle was originally a wooden drawbridge.

Oak on the Green

Gastropubs, Pubs

The Oak on the Green offers generous portions of freshly prepared food throughout the day. Use quality ingredients locally produced where possible; along with a fantastic selection of interesting ales and lagers from local brewers and a carefully selected wine list.

Knole House - National Trust

Historic Sites

A noble estate combining elements of a dwelling house and a castle, the Knole House was built in the 15th century for the archbishop Thomas Burshier, later owned by the Canterbury archbishops and dukes of Dorset. The house was erected in the Renaissance style. An interesting feature of the Know-House: in accordance with the principles of Renaissance harmony, it is designed as a calendar house. It has 365 rooms and 52 stairs - both days and weeks a year. And 7 more patios, like days in a week. Knole house among all the nobility estates of England is remarkable for the good preservation of the interiors of the 17th century.

Penshurst Place & Gardens


Penshurst Place is a magnificent example of a Tudor country estate.The house, garden and park in Penkherst form an unusual ensemble: a medieval stone house with towers is located in one of the country's largest walled gardens. In Penshurst Place, all species are turned inside the garden, but its elegant fenced areas and skillful atmosphere changes completely compensate for the lack of promising species. This medieval masterpiece was home to many famous families in the UK. But since 1552 and until now, the estate belongs to the Sydney family, which perfectly preserve the warmth and atmosphere of the beloved estate.

Church House Gardens


Review from visitor: "This is a really nice park, literally hidden behind the paved section of the High Street in Bromley town centre. The easiest way to find it is via the entrance by the Churchill Theatre. In the park, the grounds are very well kept with lots of tarmac paths through lovely gardens. There are also two children's play areas, a small lake and I even found a little amphitheatre built into the hillside by the lake (the park is built on a hill, but all areas are accessible via sloped paths). It is incredibly peaceful and a wonderful break from busy shopping area".


Asian Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants, Noodle Houses

Enjoy your time here and order the delicious steamed pork, breaded chicken curry and katsu chicken. If you are among the admirers of good tea, you will appreciate Wagamama. This place has great service. The prices here are attractive.