Old Picturesque Villages Near London – Day 2: The beauty of architecture

Today you will see the surroundings of Cambridge and get acquainted with one of the oldest cathedrals in England, visit the rooms with a luxurious interior and the castle with an interesting history.
Old Picturesque Villages Near London

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Hedingham Castle


Hedingham Castle was built at the beginning of the 13th century in the era of William the Conqueror. The location on the hill allowed the castle to occupy a dominant position over the surrounding lands. The first owner was Aubrey de Vere, Norman baron. Today the castle is still privately owned Jason Lindsay and his wife are its rightful owners. The castle looks exactly as we imagine the medieval fortress. Everything is simple, strictly functional. The same situation, without any frills, was the situation of residential premises. Fireplaces on each tier, narrow windows that barely let in light, simple wooden furniture, pieces of leather hanging instead of doors that was how the inhabitants of the castle lived. Of course today everything inside looks much brighter and more elegant but the harsh stone walls and steep stairs keep the spirit of the times.

Audley End House

Historic Sites

One of the most magnificent houses in England invites tourists to get acquainted with the life and lifestyle of the English aristocracy. Passing through its luxurious rooms, you will follow the most interesting moments in the history of the life of the estate owners. Today, 30 luxuriously decorated halls are open to the public. Guests will see magnificent ornamental ceilings with stucco, silk-covered walls, elegant lamps, beautiful carved furniture, a collection of silver and much more interesting. Art lovers will enjoy the contemplation of the paintings by Holbein and Canaletto. You will be offered to look into the household premises of the house, where they will tell and show who served its rich inhabitants and how.

The Crown & PunchBowl

Breakfast Spots, English Restaurants, Hotels

Be sure to visit this bar if you like British cuisine. They cook good cod, roast beef and crabs here. In the menu, pay attention to the delicious toffee pudding, panna cotta and fudge. Try a delicious wine, a draft beer or ale here. The restaurant has a convenient location and beautiful interior. From the customers point of view the staff here is attentive.

Ely Cathedral


One of the best examples of the Norman style the oldest cathedral in Great Britain in Ely was founded in 673, but it acquired its modern appearance only by the middle of the 12th century. Its local name is “ship among the marshes”, as its relief form rises above the surrounding marshy swampy surroundings. In 970, on the site of this monastery destroyed by the Danes, a Benedictine monastery emerged which in 1108 became the residence of the bishop when a new diocese was established. Construction of the cathedral lasted almost three hundred years, from 1083 to 1375. At the abolition of the monasteries of Henry VIII, the cathedral suffered relatively little, although the statues in the chapel and the tomb of Etheldreda were seriously damaged. By 1541 the cathedral was restored.

Parker's Piece


One of the reviews: "One of the centrepieces of Cambridge, this large and open expense of green serves as the ideal meeting point and rendezvous for anyone congregating in Cambridge. Steeped in history, with my favourite aspect in particular being the role it plays in celebrating the supposedly first regulated game of football played in Cambridge, Parker’s Piece is much more than just a summertime meeting point and often hosts festivals and carnivals throughout the calendar year. On this most recent visit, we made our way across the common to the pubs and restaurants which run parallel to it and Regent Street, Cambridge."



Be sure to take here deliciously cooked beef on the grill, chicken in a creamy tomato sauce and flat iron steak. Millworks offers a nice brownie, salted caramel ice cream and caramel ice cream. After a long day’s work, you can relax here and try some good homemade wine, lager or ale. Be sure to visit this place to admire the beautiful view from the window. Most customers write that the staff in this place is helpful.