Stroll along the coast of the Gulf of Finland. To visit the most picturesque lakes of the Leningrad region. Take some spectacular pictures of Ladoga and its coastal beauties..

Nature from the Gulf of Finland to Lake Ladoga

I think many people admire the nature of the Leningrad region, especially that part of it which is between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga. This lake region has many places for hiking, beach holidays, as well as just walks in the fresh air. So we decided to brighten up our weekend and go on a small two-day trip. It was decided to start the trip with a trip to the coast of the Gulf of Finland, and the second day back to St. Petersburg, passing along some beauties of Lake Ladoga.

Nature from the Gulf of Finland to Lake Ladoga

2 days itinerary by Alexandr Kosar - Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure

Day 1: Leningrad region's lakes

Today we plan to go to the north of the Leningrad region and drive along the Gulf of Finland. In addition, we plan to visit some protected areas, and in the evening - to get to Priozyorsk.
Visiting: Priozersk, Borisovo, Komarovo, Snetkovo, Centralniy, Yakovlevo

Day 2: Passage along the Ladoga.

Today we will complete our short journey through the Leningrad region. For a start we plan to go to one of the beaches of Losevo and then, having passed along Ladoga Lake, to return back to St. Petersburg.
Visiting: Priozersk, Sestroretsk, Centralniy, Losevo, Varzolovo, Rechnoye, Leninskoye