Nature from the Gulf of Finland to Lake Ladoga – Day 2: Passage along the Ladoga.

Today we will complete our short journey through the Leningrad region. For a start we plan to go to one of the beaches of Losevo and then, having passed along Ladoga Lake, to return back to St. Petersburg.
Nature from the Gulf of Finland to Lake Ladoga

Trip duration: 2 days

Alexandr Kosar

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

Russian Restaurants, Scandinavian Restaurants

There are not many cafes in Priozersk that are open early in the morning. That's why we went to the shore of Lake Ladoga to have breakfast and enjoy the beautiful views from the panoramic windows in the cafe "Tochka na map". The morning menu is quite diverse, we chose omelette with bacon and oatmeal porridge with berries.

Пляж в Лосево


Continuing the tradition started yesterday, we will start today with a trip to the beach. The banks of the Vuoksa river are one of the most popular places in the Leningrad region for beach holidays. And it is not surprising, because there is a beautiful spacious beach and a flat bottom, ideal for swimming. Along the coast there is also a small forest, you can walk or have a picnic.



Another stop on the shore of the majestic Lake Ladoga. The place was chosen especially for swimming and a little walk in a small forest near the shore.

Шашлычная В Грузино

BBQ Joints

Well, after a walk on the shore of Lake Ladoga and moving, of course, wanted to relax and have a snack. For this purpose we stopped in a small barbeque shop in the village of Gruzino. We were met very hospitably, apart from meat there are also various snacks, soups and other dishes.

В Репинском Лесу


After a hearty lunch we were already approaching St. Petersburg, as we thought of making a small stop in the Repin forest. The city dweller does not often manage to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, so we took a short walk before returning. By the way, there are various animals here, so if you are lucky you can see, for example, a fox.

Смотровая площадка на мысе «Дубковский»

Scenic Lookouts

And we decided to go back to the city along the Gulf of Finland. On the way we caught quite famous and popular park "Dubki". The landscape here is very pleasant and beautiful, but we decided to go for a walk to the water itself on the observation deck at Cape Dubkovsky. It should be said that to meet the sunset here is something, nothing will prevent you from seeing the sun set behind the horizon.



And we'll finish our journey in a bar near the observation deck. Soulful, big choice of beers, sorry I drove! Delicious squids on the grill.