Nature and architecture of the Leningrad region – Day 3: Monuments and estates of the Leningrad region

Today concludes our little journey. We return to St. Petersburg. On the way we will also visit several interesting places and estates, as well as famous Novgorod Detinets.
Nature and architecture of the Leningrad region

Trip duration: 3 days

Alexandr Kosar

Дом коромыслом


A cozy cafe called "The House of Koromyslom" was perfect for us to start the day well. Here we could have breakfast with our usual dishes - omelette with pork steak and vegetables, pancakes and pastries.

Novgorod Kremlin (Новгородский Кремль)

Historic Sites

Before leaving Veliky Novgorod we decided to take a short walk near the walls of the famous Novgorod Kremlin. We walked around most of its monuments and buildings and even managed to walk along the walls looking at the embankment, which offers a beautiful view of the domes of St. Sophia Cathedral.

Усадьба Н. А. Некрасова «Чудовская лука»

History Museums

The next stop on the way to Saint-Petersburg for us was a small but very atmospheric manor H. A. Nekrasov "Chudovskaya Okola". Here this great writer spent a lot of time walking or hunting, resting from the city bustle. There is a bronze monument to him on the estate territory, and the interior decoration is completely recreated on the basis of archives and memories.


Pizza Places, Cafés

After a short tour of the manor, we moved on. We arrived in Tosno in the afternoon, so we decided to stop here for lunch. Café Baffo was the perfect place for us. Italian cuisine is served here in a cozy atmosphere. Having tasted the local pizza, we went further on the road.

Синявинские высоты

Monuments / Landmarks

On the way to Kirovsk we wanted to walk a little, so we headed for the Sinyavinsk Heights. Here there is a monument to the Soviet soldiers who fought for liberation of this area, the most important for the enemy, during the blockade of Leningrad.


Restaurants, Boarding Houses

After a long trip and a walk, we wanted to go for dinner to a restaurant called "Noteburg", located near the coast of the Neva. I have to say, it's quite exquisitely cooked here. Among a great variety of delicacies we have found local desserts as well as salads and meat dishes to taste.