Visit Lindulovskaya Grove. Have a picnic on the lake shore. Walk around Gladyshevsky reserve.

Natural reserves of the Leningrad region

If you are tired of the city bustle and constant stress, this scenario is perfect for you! We will get acquainted with the diverse nature of the Leningrad region - we will walk through a larch grove planted by order of Peter the Great for the needs of the Admiralty and visit a unique reserve Gladyshevsky, the main purpose of which is the conservation of valuable species of salmon fish and pearls. Be sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes!

Natural reserves of the Leningrad region

1 day itinerary by Anna Akimenko - Uninhabited Nature, Staycation -

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Staycation

Day 1: Lindulovskaya Grove and Gladyshevsky Reserve

Our journey will begin with a visit to the Lindulowska Grove, where we will walk along carefully laid paths and admire the unique larch cultures. Then we will have a picnic on the lake shore and then visit the Gladyshevsky wildlife preserve.
Visiting: Saint Petersburg, Komarovo, Roshchino, Gladyshevo, Molodezhnoye