We're expecting the incredible natural beauty of several states . We will visit national parks, nature reserves and famous resorts . The route will run through the three states.

Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

A man stuck in the hustle and bustle of the city just needs to go outdoors, and better for that place than the state of Colorado and its neighboring states are unlikely to be found. Yes, the main part of our way will be in Colorado, but we won't stop there, because the natural beauties are not interrupted on the border of one state, we will also pass through Wyoming and Utah. The incredibly beautiful rocky mountains rising near Denver will be the first stop on our journey. Some of the national parks in Colorado deserve to be recognized as natural wonders of the world, and I think that once you have been there, you will fully share my point of view. In addition to nature walks, there are many other attractions ahead of you, including museum tours, amusement rides and outdoor activities. You can go on such a trip with your friends and family.

Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

7 days itinerary by Edward Harrington - Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure

Day 1: Arrival in Denver

Denver is the starting point of our journey, we will see a lot of interesting things here, but since we don't have much time left today, we will devote it to the organizational aspects.
Visiting: Denver, Aurora, Salt Lake City

Day 2: The unique nature of Colorado Springs

Today, the plan is to go to a small, hospitable city near Denver, Colorado Springs. There is much to learn about the nature of these places, and the views here can be compared in beauty only with the Grand Canyon.
Visiting: Denver, Commerce City, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Castle Pines, Salt Lake City

Day 3: National forests east of Denver

On this day, the plan is to go to the so-called National Forest "White River", which is located east of the state capital. Here you will find world-famous ski resorts, many resorts, and nature types resemble the landscapes of the European Alps.
Visiting: Denver, Dillon, Frisco, Copper Mountain, Silver Plume, Idaho Springs, Salt Lake City

Day 4: The Rocky Mountains of Colorado

We're leaving Denver today for Fort Collins, and on our way to one of the state's main reserves, where we have incredible scenery of mountains, rivers, plains and waterfalls, so don't forget to charge your camera.
Visiting: Denver, Estes Park, Boulder, Fort Collins, Salt Lake City

Day 5: Crossing Wyoming

Today we leave Colorado and head for Wyoming. We will see a lot of natural beauties on the way, many interesting places to visit. Since the way is not going to be the same today, fill up the car in advance.
Visiting: Fort Collins, Laramie, Rawlins, Elk Mountain, Wamsutter, Green River, Little America, Salt Lake City

Day 6: Utah's natural attractions

Tonight we have to leave Wyoming and be in Utah. Here we'll see a lot of natural beauties that this state is so famous for. The end of our route today will be Salt Lake City.
Visiting: Little America, Orem, Lyman, Croydon, Provo, South Jordan, Salt Lake City

Day 7: Morning in Salt Lake City

Today is the last day of our long journey, and since we don't have much time, we will devote it to a visit to a certain spiritual center of the city - the city square, where the main temple of Salt Lake City is located.
Visiting: Salt Lake City