Natural beauties around Volkhov and Tikhvin – Day 3: Mountains and lakes on their way home

Today concludes our trip. We will go from Tikhvin to St. Petersburg. On the way we will visit several picturesque lakes and also take a walk up the mountains.
Natural beauties around Volkhov and Tikhvin

Trip duration: 3 days

Alexandr Kosar

Ресторан Верижица

Eastern European Restaurants, Russian Restaurants

We're having breakfast at an already favorite cafe. And it's delicious and clean and stylish. Near the river Tikhvinka, fresh air, with interiors and good menu.

Зеленое Озеро


And we're going to Green Lake. It is located near a village with a funny name Budogoshch. The lake is located in a pine forest, the bottom is sandy, like the beach, but the sand is red. The water is very clean, greenish and cool. Because the lake is deep, the keys are probably still beating in the depth. We didn't swim here, we walked along the beach, we sat on the beach. We took a picture.

Любунь Гора


We go to a place called Lubun Mountain. It's really a mountain, even the roads here are called serpentines. And to the Great Patriotic War, because it's a strategic altitude, there were fierce battles. The fascists destroyed the village, the church and everything that had been wiped off the face of the earth. Soldiers of 288 rifle division stood here to die. Now there's a memorial. Travelers stop and lay flowers. The views from the mountain are scattering.

Черная каракатица


Then we go to Kirishi. We decided to go here and have lunch. Restaurant with a pirate name "Black cuttlefish". First of all, it's on the bank of the river, so that's why the name is appropriate. Secondly, it is fed here deliciously and served with high quality. We haven't noticed any pirates, and the summer veranda was very pleasant.



There are wonderful artificial lakes in former quarries. The water here is clean and warm in the season. People are happy to come here for a swim. We'll stop by, too. The beach is small, clean green grass. Look out! It's deep.


Pizza Places, Cafés

It's a shame that all good things end so quickly. We'll go to dinner in Tosno. Cafe Baffo is clean, neat, delicious! The cuisine is not heavy, the menu is diverse. I even wanted to stay a little longer. We recommend it!