Natural beauties around Volkhov and Tikhvin – Day 1: Discoveries of nature in the Volkhov region

Today we start our journey by visiting the lake, wander in the pine forest, have lunch in the "Old Ladoga", walk in the pine forest and park Volkhov, admire the river and after dinner we go to bed.
Natural beauties around Volkhov and Tikhvin

Trip duration: 3 days

Alexandr Kosar

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Сосновый Бор


Just over an hour on the road, and we're already in a beautiful pine forest. This clean air, unparalleled, soaked in essential oils... And given the fact that Lake Ladoga is right next door, it's clear why there's so much ineffable freshness in the air. We were lucky: it had just rained, and the last drops were hanging on the pine needles, pouring out. What a picture we got! We walked and walked with pleasure, inhaled the smell of pine forest, and even found some mushrooms.

Курганы Вещего Олега

Historic Sites

The place is truly legendary! According to the legend, it is among these mounds that the grave of Prince Oleg, who was nicknamed Prophetic, is located. And what a view! If you go down a bit towards the historical fortress, you can find the holy spring of Paraskeva Friday. And if you go back along the river, you can find one of the most mysterious caves in the Leningrad region - Tanechkina. Without proper sports training and appropriate clothes and shoes it's not recommended to go down there, but if you're an experienced speleologist, take into account that you should avoid going down into the cave during heavy rains.

Metallurg Hotel

Старая ладога

Buffets, Russian Restaurants

After such a wonderful walk, we had a savage appetite! It's time for lunch. Simple interior, stylized as a Russian hut and a delicious good menu. You won't stay hungry for sure! We served it quickly. And if you're not driving, they'll serve mead too.

Сосновый бор


Yeah, I guess you can't order that much food when you're hungry... And boiled mushroom soup with meat and a second roast with side dishes. It's time for a walk! We decided to go for a ride and walk in the woods. And where else will you find so much beauty and wonderful air, as in a pine forest! We went for a walk, ran through the woods. At the end we were photographed. Happy people, let's move on.



There's a reason we were trying to get here! It's so beautiful here! Calm down, majestic. In places like this, there's an understanding of what's important and what can wait... The sandy beach is good in warm weather and cool. In the heat you can sunbathe and swim in the river, and in the cool - just sit here, sit in jeans and jacket, think and admire the wonderful views.



Bring everyone upstairs! We have dinner at a pirate cafe on the bank of the Volkhov River. Everything has been thought out. It's delicious, cozy, stylish. Dinner was very nice.