National Parks State: Utah from North to South – Day 6: Bryce Canyon and surroundings

The day is going to be busy and eventful: we visit another park, where amazing and surrealistic mountain formations are located, and have a picnic in the fresh air.
National Parks State: Utah from North to South
Travel distance by car: 612 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Moab, Torrey, Hanksville, Canyon Point, Bryce Canyon, Tropic, Brian Head, Las Vegas

Trip duration: 10 days

Alexander Popov

Moab Diner


Have a good breakfast and hit the road. Make sure you have everything. Do not miss the last opportunity to buy the necessary things in the city.

Hollow Mountain Gas Station

Gas Stations, Monuments / Landmarks

The road to the next park is quite long. Take a break from the car, warm up and go to the store at the gas station. Here you can buy some food and water for the day in order not to be entirely reliant on a cafe in the park and move freely around it, for no fear of finding yourself without food and water.

Goosenecks Point

Scenic Lookouts

Goosenecks Point is a great observation deck offering an unusual and breathtaking view of the winding Sulfur Creek river, surrounded by canyons. This place is no less picturesque than the natural attractions we've already seen, however, a few tourists know about it. Therefore, most likely, you will have an excellent chance to spend some time, literally, alone with nature.

Devils Garden

Despite its name, this location, rather, reminds the modern traveler the fantastic landscapes of an unknown planet. For many millennia, a very peculiar landscape has been formed here, consisting of fancy arches, rocks and other mountain formations.

The Red Door Retreat

Bryce Canyon National Park

National Parks

Every year, Bryce Canyon National Park delights travelers with impressive geological formations and bright colors. The park has a distinctive feature, red stone pillars, called hoodoos. They were formed as a result of water falling into the cracks of the rocks. On cold nights, the water freezes, expands and breaks the rock. High hoodoos, narrow canyons and natural bridges make you fell like you're on a different planet. On the territory of Bryce Canyon are campgrounds where you can spend the night, see the sunset and a stunning sunrise.

Stone Hearth Grille


After such a busy day, you need a good dinner in a relaxed atmosphere of a fine restaurant. The Stone Hearth Grille is perfect for this. Enjoy delicious food, a good selection of drinks in the wine list and excellent service here.

The Red Door Retreat

Tomorrow you are going to visit Fishlake Nature Reserve, a picturesque green oasis, and learn interesting facts about the history and culture of Utah. And today the adventures are over and it's time to relax.