National Parks State: Utah from North to South – Day 3: The beginning of wandering.

Healthy food and smoothies are the perfect start to the day. Today we visit the largest freshwater lake, then go to Provo Peak and spend the night not in the state capital, but in the small town of Provo.
National Parks State: Utah from North to South

Trip duration: 10 days

Alexander Popov

Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen Downtown

Fast food cafe with a smoothies and a rather large juice bar. The facility tends to serve healthier foods and drinks in order to teach people eat healthy. Cafe owners grow their own wheat and make own almond milk. The menu offers breakfasts, salads and burritos, to which you can add a variety of fillings to taste.

Utah Lake State Park

The largest freshwater lake in Utah of about 148 square miles offers a variety of leisure opportunities. Here you can catch catfish, sea bass, white perch, black perch and other types of fish. Also, you can take a boat and kayak ride on the lake. In 1967, this place was officially called the state park.



A chain of restaurants with a buffet. The facility was opened on September 26, 1966. The idea was successful, they got customers lined up. Lunch cost $ 1, and dinner - $ 1.5. Today it is a great chain with a wide choice of dishes, from salads to desserts.

Provo Peak

Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews


The Red Robin diner menu offers several dozen kinds of burgers - from classic ones, with fat cutlet and greens, to unusual gourmet ones, for example, with salmon or mushrooms. There are dietary and vegetarian kinds as well. However, the choice of dishes is not limited only to burgers, you can order a steak, soup or salad, and a delicious dessert, or a milkshake with chocolate, which is an excellent end to the dinner.