Most Significant Cities Around Oldham – Day 7: Incredible landscapes

Today, the day will be devoted to most visits to the Abbeys. Also you will visit the rock with an incredible view.
Most Significant Cities Around Oldham

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Knaresborough Castle

Historic Sites

The first mention of the royal castle of Knaresborough refers to 1129-30 years. In the 13th century, King John improved the castle, in which he began to make frequent visits, using it as a residence during a hunt in Knaresborough Forest. Later, from 1307 and 1312, the castle was rebuilt again by decree of King Edward I. In 1644, during the civil war, Knaresborough Castle was taken by parliamentary troops, and largely destroyed in 1648. Nowadays, the ruins of Knaresborough Castle are open to the public, and the area is used as a public leisure area that is open throughout the summer. The territory is also rented for mass events. The “Courthouse” museum is located in the oldest part of the castle, here you can learn about the royal inhabitants of Knaresborough castle, get acquainted with life in a medieval fortress. You can also try on the medieval chainmail of the times of the civil war and learn about the food and education of people in the Middle Ages.

Goji Vegetarian Cafe and Deli

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants, Cafés, Delis / Bodegas

If you like British and vegetarian cuisine, be sure to check out here. Here you should try the amazing tofu burger, tofu and chickpea salad. Many visitors to Goji Vegetarian Cafe are advised to order a tasty lemon pie, butterscotch pudding and chocolate cake. Order here a good chocolate frappe, tea or hot chocolate.

Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Garden

Historic Sites

Fountains Abbey is the largest and best preserved ruins of a Cistercian abbey in England. Built in 1132, the Fountains Abbey was destroyed in 1539 by order of King Henry VIII during the secularization of church lands. The peak of prosperity of the Founta abbey fell on the first half of the 13th century, thanks to generous donations, the main cathedral was enlarged in size, and a monastery hospital was also added. However, by the end of the same century, the abbey was faced with financial problems, which intensified by the beginning of the XIV century, when the Scottish army invaded the northern territories of England. After the plague of 1349, the abbey finally fell into disrepair. The abbey itself, like the surrounding Royal Stadley Park, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. The picturesque surroundings of Fountains Abbey attract many tourists, moreover, various historical films and TV series were filmed here, including the filming of the famous children's book “The Mysterious Garden”.

Bolton Abbey

Historic Sites

The abbey was founded in 1154 on the lands granted to Augustins by Lady Alice de Rumili in memory of his drowned son. But by order of Henry VIII, everything except the local parish church was destroyed. Therefore, to date, only this functioning church of St. Mary has been preserved. Explore the ruins of Priorat and discover a landscape full of history and legends, stroll along the promenade, forest and heath paths or just relax on the river bank with a picnic.

Cow and Calf Rocks

Scenic Lookouts

Ilkley Quarry is the site of the famous Cow and Calf, a large rock formation consisting of an outcrop and boulder, also known as the Hangingstone Cliffs. The stones are made of fine-grained sand, a variety of sandstone, and are so named because one is big and the smaller one is sitting next to it, like a cow and a calf. According to legend, the Calf was separated from the cow when the giant Rombald was fleeing from the enemy, and stomped on the rock when he jumped across the valley. They say the enemy was his evil wife. She threw stones held in her skirt to form the local rock The Skirtful of Stones.

Ox Club


If you like British dishes, check out this place. Have a wonderful evening here and order amazing ox meat, flat iron steak and black cod. Many visitors come here to order good ice cream, pecan pie and pudding. At Ox Club, be sure to try a good homemade wine, beer or ale. According to customer reviews, the service is amazing.