Most Significant Cities Around Oldham – Day 3: Mystic Factory and Manchester United Home

The day will be full of contrasts. You will visit the stadium, a beautiful estate with a garden as well as beautiful parks.
Most Significant Cities Around Oldham

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Etihad Stadium

Soccer Stadiums

The Etihad Stadium in Manchester was opened in 2002. The Manchester City club holds its home games in the arena. The construction of this building cost £ 112 million. The stadium is the fifth largest in England. In 2008, the final bout of the second most important European trophy, the UEFA Cup was played at the Etihad stadium. Here, musicians, rugby players, boxers, and athletes compete as frequent guests. The first game at the stadium was a friendly match between Manchester City and Catalan Barcelona. The stadium was originally named City of Manchester, but was renamed Etihad Stadium as a result of a 10-year sponsorship agreement with Etihad Airways. This event happened on July 8, 2011 and cost the club sponsor in the amount of 150 million pounds. Inside you can only visit with a guided tour, so first check out the list on the site. Reservation is not required, but is recommended and if it is not done you must arrive at least 40 minutes in advance.

Dunham Massey Hall & Gardens

Historic Sites

The old manor is a beautiful corner of almost untouched nature with a park, garden and ancestral palace of the Counts of Stamford. The history of the estate begins in 1616 with the construction of the first palace. He stood in the same place as the present, but he looked completely different. The last restructuring dates back to the years 1905-1908. In the manor park of Dunham Massey there are oaks planted in the 17th century. This is the only park in the north-west of England with so many ancient trees. Fallow deer live here - park workers regularly feed these cute animals, and they have almost no fear of people. Park staff conduct daily excursions around the palace and garden. On the estate, in the old premises of the former stables, there is a gift shop and a restaurant.

La Boheme

French Restaurants

In La Boheme it is worth tasting delicious cooked sea bass, canapes and scallops. The waiters offer visitors good toffee pudding, chocolate ice cream and bread pudding. The convenient location of this place allows you to easily reach it even at rush hour. You'll love good homemade wine, lager or brandy. Guests believe that in this place a good chocolate frappe, Thai tea or juice. From the point of view of customers, the staff here is patient.

Quarry Bank Mill

Historic Sites

The gloomy architecture of Quarry Bank Mill is complemented by the appropriate filling. Today it is a cotton factory, originally from 1784 to 1832, the mill with the largest wheel in the UK. The exposition begins with the fact that they tell and clearly show how they spin and weave by hand. At the factory, all equipment is restored and is in working condition: the water wheel is spinning, the machines are making threads, spinning, weaving, etc. National Trust employees demonstrate visually the entire process to visitors. It is interesting that the owner was allowed to build the factory only with the condition that not a single tree would suffer. I had to get out, dodge and deceive, because something still had to be cut down. The castle is teeming with ghosts. When it was erected, a team of builders died, so the whole team remained in the castle.

Fletcher Moss Park

This park was named after Alderman Fletcher Moss, who in 1919 donated a tidy sum for its construction. In addition to the amazing landscapes, there are tennis courts, rugby and football fields, as well as small cafes in the garden. The main part of the gardens is located behind a stone wall laid out by Robert Wood Williams - the famous local tycoon. He donated his home and surrounding areas in order to expand the garden in 1912. After enjoying plenty of nature, you can stroll around the gardens and explore local sights. Having visited the gardens of Fletcher Moss, you will get a lot of positive emotions and make great photos.

Heaton Moor Park


Park in the north of Manchester, adapted for walks, excursions and active pastime. Here you can ride a boat, a retro tram or a horse, visit a farm with farm animals, as well as a beehive. There are three reservoirs in the park where you can swim, but the water in them is almost always cold because of the peculiarities of the local climate.

Mackie Mayor Building

Food Courts, Historic Sites

Review from the visitor: "Mackie Mayor is one of Manchester’s newest openings, but it’s quickly become my favourite place to hang out and take visitors. Its grand location is inside a Grade II listed former meat market. The stunning interior, under a gigantic glass roof, features long, sociable tables surrounded by a variety of street food vendors. I like to go for coffee in a morning, snacks at lunchtime and dinner and drinks in the evening – it’s one of the most versatile places in the city. There are lots of food and drink options to suit all tastes and budgets – I like Wolf House Coffee for their flat whites and delicious selection of cakes; Tender Cow’s mouthwatering steaks; and Blackjack’s extensive selection of beers. It gets super busy pretty much all day, so head down early to avoid disappointment!".

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Indian Restaurants

In the Zouk Tea Bar & Grill you can always enjoy Indian and Pakistani cuisines. In the menu, pay attention to a good lamb shank, chicken in a creamy tomato sauce and king prawns. Here you should order a good cheesecake and delicious ice cream. Many visitors order a good beer, Sauvignon Blanc or Martini. Enjoy a delicious meal on the terrace. Guests claim that the staff at this place is helpful.