Most Significant Cities Around Oldham – Day 2: Heritage of Manchester

The first full day in the city, so you go to learn the city and its history. You will see the most iconic places.
Most Significant Cities Around Oldham

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Albert Square


Here are the magnificent buildings of the Victorian era, built in neo-gothic style. In addition, there are a number of monuments, the most famous of which is the Albert Memorial - the famous British prince. In 1868, construction of the town hall was begun here, which was completed by 1877. In the early 1970s, a plan was developed for the construction of a metro line connecting Albert Square to the adjacent St. Peter’s Square. But ultimately this project was canceled, and the station was not built. Later, a round-shaped fountain was installed on Albert Square, its metal decor was created at the beginning of the twentieth century by students of the local school of crafts. Near the square is a museum of natural history. It is located in the building of the Palace Boye d’Egüy. In it you can see a wide variety of collections - from insects and plants to the remains of dinosaurs.

Manchester Cathedral


Its construction was begun in 1863, for this purpose they chose a special place called Piccadilly Square. It had a triangular shape and went straight to Albert Square. In 1877, the famous architect Alfred Waterhouse completed the construction of the building of the Manchester Town Hall. The structure is a prime example of the Victorian Gothic Renaissance style. It is clearly expressed elements of the English Gothic 13th century. Above the building of the Manchester Town Hall there is a clock tower, its height reaches about 85 meters. During the Christmas holidays, tourists and residents of the city often stare at this tower when they hang huge Santa Claus on it. In the the town hall there is an organ. There are also frescoes reflecting the themes of commerce, the textile industry and Christianity.

Grand Pacific

Asian Restaurants, Cocktail Bars

Most visitors note that Grand Pacific offers amazing tempura, sea bass and shepherd's pie. All guests of this place are advised to order an appetizing chocolate fondant, fudge and treifl. Many customers write that the staff at this restaurant is competent and that the service here is amazing.

The John Rylands Library


One of the most remarkable buildings located right in the center of Manchester. It is practically impossible to walk past it, because the old building, made in neo-gothic style, immediately attracts attention, especially against the background of a completely modern environment. The library was opened in 1900 and named after John Rlelands, who was a major British entrepreneur. At that time, he owned his own textile concern, which was considered one of the largest in the United Kingdom. At the time of opening, the collection of books numbered about 40 thousand copies, including various rare books. Most of this was gathered by the Rylands couple, buying both private collections and finding separate books. Gutenberg's Bible is considered to be a peculiar gem of the library. It is a book that began the history of printing in Europe. Since 1900, all this has become available to visitors.

Victoria Baths

Event Spaces

Beautiful building, built in the style of classical baroque designed by Henry Price. The institution was opened to the public in 1906, it housed a private laundry, three large pools and a huge Turkish bath. In 1952 the first whirlpool bath in the country was installed here. The facade of the building is made of multi-colored brickwork, inside the wall from the floor to the ceiling are lined with glazed tiles, and most of the windows are decorated with decorative stained glass windows. Victoria's baths were closed in 1993, for a long time they were trying to resume their work, but this happened only in 1998. In 2006, the Turkish bath was reopened, for which the Heritage Lottery charity foundation received over £ 3 million.

Science and Industry Museum

Science Museums

This is a large museum dedicated to scientific development, technology and industry, with an emphasis on the achievements of the city in these areas. It is located on the site of the first railway station in the world (on the Manchester-Liverpool road), which was opened in 1830. The facade of the station and the warehouse of 1830 are included in the list of architectural heritage of the country of the first category. Among the most interesting exhibits that can be viewed in the museum are the whole Avro Shackleton aircraft and other Avro cars built in the vicinity. On some days, visitors can ride on demonstration passenger trains through the museum grounds. They are driven by one of the two locomotives: Planet (a replica of the eponymous locomotive Robert Stephenson) and Agecroft, built in 1949 and restored to working condition in 2011.

Chinese Imperial Arch

Monuments / Landmarks

As in many other cities, Manchester has its own Chinatown. It is located almost in the very center, and you definitely need to go here if you want to learn more about Manchester. This is the second largest Chinatown in the UK, the third in Europe. The hallmark of it is the arch, made in the traditional Chinese style. The first immigrants from this country arrived in Manchester not so long ago, in the 20th century. However, since that time a rather large community has settled in the city, which continues to grow to this day. In recent years, she has been actively supported by young people who have arrived in Manchester to study.

St John's Gardens


One of the reviews about this park: "Found this little park down the street from the Coronation Street Tour. Very quaint with lots of blooming flowers and people chilling on benches. There is a statue stating that 22,000 people are buried there....a little spooky. Originally these grounds were a church. Lots of history. Great for a picnic in sunny weather as it's very close to the city".

San Carlo

Italian Restaurants, Bars

If you like Italian and Spanish cuisine, be sure to check out here. At San Carlo, you can enjoy amazing lobster ravioli with grilled tuna and halibut. You can always try the delicious pudding, vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake here. In this place you will be offered a good Pinot Gridzho, Prosecco or house wine. Customers like great service.