Most Significant Cities Around Oldham – Day 1: Welcome day

This is your first evening in the city so before you go to the restaurant just take some rest in a park and enjoy the nature.
Most Significant Cities Around Oldham

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Marie Louise Gardens


Marie Louise Gardens is an oasis of calm and solitude in one of the most populous suburbs of Manchester. It is located southeast of the Palatine Road and adjoins the Blackburn Park and Albert Park reserves. Hidden behind a busy main road it is often called a hidden stone.

El Gato Negro Tapas

Tapas Restaurants

Here you will find Spanish cuisine. In the menu pay attention to the amazing lamb skewers, chili shrimps and ox meat. Order good pudding, macaroni cookies and donuts for dessert. It is recommended to order a good scotch, gin or sherry.