Mosaic of Impressions in the Heart of Britain – Day 4: Alone with nature

Tonight we'll continue to explore the national parks, this time we'll go to Lake District. Let's take a look at the surroundings from the tops of the green hills, and at the end of the day we will enjoy a Kraft Elephant in the ancient building of the local pub.
Mosaic of Impressions in the Heart of Britain

Trip duration: 6 days

Elena Sadchikova

Kendal Castle

Historic Sites

Kendal Castle, like many of the historical sites we have already visited, was built in the twelfth century. Visit this place not only for the sake of beautiful photos against the background of massive ruins, but also for the sake of a beautiful view, which opens from the hill on the outskirts.

Lake District National Park

National Parks

And once again enjoy the fabulous and peaceful landscapes. The large Windermere Lake is surrounded by mountains and green hills at the foot of which there are low buildings, remotely resembling hobby houses. The transparent water surface is fascinating, and you can admire the amazing scenery for hours. And if you want to spend an active time here, you can take a boat, boat or even kayak ride.

Cuckoo Brow Inn


Lunch will be held in an authentic and atmospheric restaurant with an old wood stove. The menu is quite diverse, you can try truly homemade cuisine, for example, ordering pumpkin soup with crispy bread, or please yourself with a local variation of fast food, a huge burger with a generous portion of fried potatoes.

Helvellyn Summit


In cloudy weather, you can see the tops of the hills covered with a blanket of clouds. It's really fascinating! Do not deny yourself the pleasure of walking along the narrow hiking trails and see the area from new, unusual and amazing angles.

Old Man of Coniston


Moving west, you'll notice how the natural landscape will change and you'll discover new and unique views. Here you can walk along the bubbling streams, or, climbing to the top of the hill to see the forest and small buildings that are located at the foot, and of course, enjoy the diversity of local flora and fauna.


A day in the countryside has passed unnoticed, it's time for dinner. Romneys is a place where you can taste real ale and enjoy the traditional British pub menu. Excellent meat dishes are served here, as evidenced not only by the guests' enthusiastic feedback, but also by the award of the prestigious The Westmorland Gazette competition, which has been awarded to the restaurant.