Mosaic of Impressions in the Heart of Britain – Day 3: Yorkshire Dales

Most of today's day will be held in the Yorkshire Dales Nature Park, where you can enjoy the amazing creations of nature and man.
Mosaic of Impressions in the Heart of Britain

Trip duration: 6 days

Elena Sadchikova

Bolton Abbey

Historic Sites

Bolton Abbey is located in a very picturesque place, on a hill near the river Worf. This location will appeal not only to travelers who are in love with quirky and, at the same time, majestic Gothic architecture, but also lovers of outdoor activities. There are several hiking trails close to the Abbey, where you can enjoy amazing views and even walk to a small waterfall.

Cow and Calf Rocks

Scenic Lookouts

Having admired the ruins of human creations, we go to explore the pristine nature. This area looks amazingly alien at any time of year, thanks to the unusual greenish shade of rocks, but it is the most beautiful here in late spring and early summer, during the blossoming of meadow plants.

Le Bistro Des Amis

It's lunchtime! This restaurant is not distinguished by its luxurious decoration, but here you will not be disappointed. The restaurant is popular not only with the park's guests, but also with locals, so we strongly recommend to book a table in advance. This can be done online at the restaurant's website.

Brimham Rocks

Scenic Lookouts

This part of the park can be safely called a real miracle of nature. It is believed that such an unusual landscape was formed due to the influence of erosion over millions of years. Of course, there will also be those who claim that the rocks have remained to us as a legacy of extraterrestrial civilization. You can choose the version of origin that you like, but be sure this place will impress you!

Black Sheep Brewery Fearby Road Site

Black Sheep Brewery is not just a brewery, it is a real laboratory for the production of unusual varieties of Kraft beer. The assortment is quite large, and if you don't know what to choose, the staff will be happy to help you find a drink to your liking. The food that is served here is soaked in Yorkshire's true flavour and is prepared exclusively from local farm ingredients. Have fun and enjoy a country-style dinner.