Mosaic of Impressions in the Heart of Britain – Day 2: Leeds' legacy

Let's start the day with a visit to the flower greenhouse and the Yorkshire Sculpture Garden. And then we'll head towards Leeds to walk through the city streets and look at the ruins of the old abbey.
Mosaic of Impressions in the Heart of Britain

Trip duration: 6 days

Elena Sadchikova

Winter Gardens


Staying in Sheffield is worth a visit to the conservatories of the winter gardens. There are a lot of exotic plant species from all over the world. Also, in the greenhouse it is often possible to see unusual installations of modern authors. The city space next to the winter gardens is also very interesting: there are interesting street sculptures and a lot of worthy coffee shops and restaurants.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Sculpture Gardens

In Yorkshire Sculpture Park, there are more than a hundred interesting, unusual and sometimes fascinating and sometimes shocking works of modern art in the open air. The park is ideal for walks in good weather and has a beautiful natural landscape: hills, sprawling trees and small streams. It is also not uncommon to meet representatives of local fauna, who do not hesitate to approach the guests of the park.


Brazilian Restaurants

Leeds is known as a city with a record number of good restaurants on a wide variety of topics. Tonight's lunch will take place in a Brazilian restaurant. First of all, this place is notable for its atmosphere of eternal celebration and hospitality. The menu is based on grilled meat dishes, but has vegetarian and fish options.

Kirkstall Abbey

Historic Sites

The history of this abbey dates back to the twelfth century. At that time, in the early Middle Ages, one of Europe's most important theological centers was located here, and many monks devoted their lives to writing religious and historical chronicles. In the sixteenth century, by order of Henry VIII Tudor, the abbey was closed and its buildings were handed over to the hands of the counts of the Cardigans of the Brudnell family. However, its mighty walls have survived to this day and still amaze with their grandeur.

City Square


Before you go out to dinner, take a short walk through the town square. There's something unique about this place that's charming. Tall, modern buildings adjoin the miniature old buildings and modern art objects with historical statues. Despite this variety of stylistics, in general, the square looks very nice and harmonious.

Shears Yard


Dinner will be held in the restaurant, which is appreciated not only by visitors, but also by professional critics. It's probably worth starting with a tasting menu, and afterwards you can order a magnificent octopus escobeche. If you prefer meat, you should definitely try the Parma ham.


Roads, Pedestrian Plazas

Before you go to the hotel, enjoy a short walk through the city streets. After sunset, when the lights go on, the city architecture looks even more interesting.