You'll visit some wonderful art museums.. Relax in original parks and gardens.. Admire the ancient palaces and temples.. Look at Cologne and Dusseldorf from above..

Legacy of ancient German towns

The European cities of Dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn are on everyone's lips, and surely everyone dreamed, putting aside all the worries, not hurrying to walk the cozy streets of these cities. After strolls through colorful ancient streets, visit the wonderful parks and gardens, climb the observation platforms and look out over modern cities. Enjoy a collection of contemporary art and visit the Kunstpalast exhibition gallery. Enjoy the views of the Rhine valley, stop by a quiet lake and refill your souvenirs with leather goods. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of antiquity, nature and modern cities. And you won't want to leave.

Legacy of ancient German towns

7 days itinerary by Elizaveta Smirnova - History and Culture - Car, 6 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: We are flying to Dusseldorf.

First acquaintance with the city. A visit to the elegant Japanese garden and market square in the center of the old city.
Visiting: Dusseldorf

Day 2: Let's go to Cologne.

Today you will see stunning collections of contemporary art in the Museum of Art Exhibition Gallery in the Palace of Art Kunstpalast, relax and admire the beautiful park of the Palace Benrat. and drive along the picturesque banks of the Rhine. Enjoy the flora at Cologne Botanical Garden.
Visiting: Dusseldorf, Cologne, Leverkusen

Day 3: Cologne in the palm of your hand

Today you will touch the grey old town of Cologne, take a walk near Cologne Town Hall, visit Cologne Cathedral, majestic and beautiful, the keeper of sacred relics. See the city from Panorama, browse the chocolate museum and don't leave without souvenirs. Take a trip to Bonn, walk around its market square, admire the Town Hall.
Visiting: Cologne, Bonn

Day 4: Bonn and surrounding area

Visit the ancient Münster Cathedral and walk around Bonn University's chic botanical garden. Visit the Museum of German History, take a walk in the Green Heart Park. And go north, stop at Lake Rottersee to listen to the silence. Stay in Wuppertal.
Visiting: Bonn, Wuppertal, Troisdorf

Day 5: The road to Munster

Admire the wonderful views of the Ruhr Valley. When you stop in Hohensburg, look at the ruins of an ancient fortress and admire the view of Dortmund. Walk the streets of Dortmund, taste the local cuisine. Visit Nordkirchen Palace, the largest water castle, and head north again in Munster. And in Münster you'll walk down an unusual street, all in arcades on both sides.
Visiting: Muenster, Wuppertal, Dortmund, Nordkirchen

Day 6: Return to Dusseldorf

Today you will visit Munster Palace, where one of the buildings of the University of Westphalia is located. You can walk and watch the animals at Munster Zoo. And at the end of the day, you'll be at the starting point of our journey.
Visiting: Muenster, Dusseldorf, Essen

Day 7: It's morning in town

You'll spend your last day in Düsseldorf on top of it! Sweeten your breathtaking experience in a cozy cafe.
Visiting: Dusseldorf