Legacy of ancient German towns – Day 6: Return to Dusseldorf

Today you will visit Munster Palace, where one of the buildings of the University of Westphalia is located. You can walk and watch the animals at Munster Zoo. And at the end of the day, you'll be at the starting point of our journey.
Legacy of ancient German towns

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Cafe & Bar Celona

Cafés, Cocktail Bars

Wonderful breakfast cafe! Visitors always praise pizza, smoothies, cocktails. They have their own coffee-making secrets and no visitor rejection. Appetizing serving, aromatic dishes. Yeah, breakfast can take a while.

Fürstbischöfliches Schloss


The Baroque palace of Munster is a visiting card of the University of Westphalia. It is immediately noticeable that local architects liked to build buildings made of red bricks. And right! It is a warmer material than natural stone and very beautiful in contrast to white. Decorative elements - from light Westphalian sandstone. There's a beautiful palace garden around. Students admire the beauty of the palace and many are happy to be lucky enough to study in a historical environment.

Allwetterzoo Münster


Munster Zoo won't leave anyone indifferent! Animals of different latitudes live on a huge square, and near the enclosures there are stands where everything is clear. The zoo is divided into thematic zones, animals can be seen both outdoors and indoors. You can spend all day here! Some animals can be petted, some shouldn't! Animals are in an open environment. In addition, there are many playgrounds and cafes. The kids will love it. I advise everyone! You'll love it.

Capella Breidenbacher Hof Düsseldorf


Restaurants, Event Spaces, Coworking Spaces

Have you had lunch at the cultural institution yet? Come on, let's have lunch! Meetings, conversations, various events are held here. Visitors are described as a cozy, cool place. The menu is varied and you can pre-taste the dishes you have chosen to order. Desserts will delight you after a delicious dinner. There's also a summer veranda.



We can't help stopping by this square, where the ancient Essen Cathedral is located. It is made in Gothic style with Romanesque elements. Dedicated in honor of the Virgin Mary and the Saints Cosmas and Damian.

La Luce Due

Italian Restaurants

After a fairly long move, it would be nice to have dinner. Having had a little bit of meat dishes of traditional cuisine, we choose the Italian cafe for tonight! If you miss you - the menu has pizza, and if you haven't yet, pasta, fish, zucchini, avocado, amazing sauces, crayfish and shrimp with different combinations will delight you. Visitors are satisfied, but do not leave immediately, and recommend to try the local sherbet.