Kansas – Сlassics of the West – Day 2: Introduction to state culture

Today we went to see the famous Capitol, and then stopped by the museum to immerse ourselves in the history of Kansas and Topica, as well as visited the national park, which is home to wild bison.
Kansas – Сlassics of the West

Trip duration: 4 days

Emily Wilson


Breakfast Spots, American Restaurants

Inexpensive cafe for a tasty, simple and nourishing breakfast. It works without a weekend and opens at eight in the morning, which made us very happy, because today we got up early to have time to visit all the planned places and in the evening to be in another city.

Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center

The land on which the Capitol was built was donated by patron Kir Holliday, president of Topeka Town and one of the founders of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railways in 1892. On February 7, 1862, the legislature accepted the donation and approved the design of the building, designed by the architect Edward Townsend Mix of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The majestic building, built in the style of classicism, still impresses with its exterior and interior design. From Monday to Saturday you can visit some of the Capitol's rooms with a tour guide, but on Sundays you can only see the building from the outside.

Kansas Museum of History

History Museums

We've decided to continue our acquaintance with the history of the state of Kansas at the local museum. The exposition here is very interesting and informative, the old clothes, household items, weapons and ammunition are exhibited, and, in my opinion, the most interesting - vehicles, from simple carts to locomotives and planes.

Pie Five Pizza Co.

Pizza Places

We went to the pizza place for a snack. Everyone liked such a dinner - fast, tasty, and not expensive. Another advantage of this place is that here you can not only choose a pizza from the menu, but also collect it to your liking, adding any ingredients and sauces.

Fairfield Inn & Suites By Marriott Wichita East

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

National Parks

The mission of the reserve is to preserve a nationally significant natural zone, which now represents a fragment of a once vast prairie with tall grass. We enjoyed the space and a walk on one of the trails. The reserve is home to bison, and you can see entire herds here. At the information center we were immediately warned that buffalo are wild animals, so for your own safety, it is better to watch them from afar. The recommended distance is at least a hundred yards.

Sedgwick County Park


If the previous park was a habitat for large wildlife, this one, which is located within the city limits, can be called a real home for birds. There are flocks of ducks and geese in the lakes (and also on the lanes and in the flowerbeds). They are not afraid of people at all, but, on the contrary, very bravely begging for food.


Gastropubs, Bars

We learned about this gastropub from friends, who have been here more than once, according to their assurances - this is the best such institution in the city. I will fully agree with their assessment, here, really, very tasty and atmospheric: nice interior, interesting serving of dishes, positive bartenders and waiters. From the dishes I can safely recommend pork in Korean, spicy and delicious.