Journey to the famous wineries of the Krasnodar region – Day 1: From Sober Bash to Old Greek Wine Yard...

Our acquaintance with winemaking will begin with the territory of a modern vineyard, located near the center of Krasnodar. We will walk along the vineyards, take beautiful pictures, then go further. We will go on a tour to Abrau-Durso, see the suburbs from the observation deck, visit a small family winery in the vicinity of Anapa.
Journey to the famous wineries of the Krasnodar region

Trip duration: 2 days

Margarita Glumova

Kia Cerato

Винодельческое хозяйство (винодельня) "Собер Баш"


The Sober Bash winery is a great place to explore the vineyards. In addition to a fascinating stroll through the territory, we can also try different kinds of wines that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Kafe "Dushen'ka"

To taste a delicious dinner in Russian is in a cozy establishment with a warm name "Dushenka". Here you can both have a tight lunch, and make a light snack quickly and cheaply.

Hotel Lotos

Фирменный магазин «Абрау»

Wine Shops

Legendary place! Getting here, we get to know the history of Abrau Durso, take an interesting tour of the factory and cellar, taste the famous sparkling wines and enjoy the stunning views of the nearby factory.

Смотровая площадка Дюрсо

Scenic Lookouts

Before going any further, it is worth visiting the observation deck, which offers incredible views of Lake Abrau from a height, and take memorable pictures.

Vinnoye Podvor'ye Starogo Greka

Look at this small but cozy family winery! The interior immerse us in the Greek atmosphere, and wines leave an incredible aftertaste. Special attention should be paid to the wine cellar, because back in 1857 it was built by Greek settlers. In our collection we can buy a couple of bottles of famous wines: "Chardonnay", "Shiraz" or "Pinot Noir". After the tour we will have dinner in a small restaurant of the winery. (Specify the possible time of the tour by phone on the winery's website).