Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota – Day 8: Time machine

Dedicated a day to the study of the history of the indigenous population of the state, as well as visited an interactive museum, where they plunged into the 1880s.
Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota

Trip duration: 10 days

Gvenet Bloom

Star Family Restaurant

It is a tradition to start the day with a visit to a cozy little cafe, where a wide range of dishes are served and well cooked. We're used to it. Don't forget the food on the road: something that's easy to eat in the car. Please note that the cafe is closed on Sundays.


Outdoor Sculptures

The first stop for today will be a street sculpture - a 50 foot figure of a woman in an ethnic dress. According to the author, Dale Lamfer, the main idea of his creation is to pay tribute to the indigenous peoples, in particular the Lakota and Dakota tribes.

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village

History Museums

This place is a great opportunity to learn more about the history and life of the people who once inhabited these lands. Excursion on archeological excavations is informative and interesting. We all liked it.

Ingalls Homestead

History Museums

That's a museum! Amazing! So much interesting, life here as if stopped here, we got in 1880, it turns out, it's very funny. You can not only observe life in the settlement of the century before last, but also learn ancient crafts, for example, to try weaving, or make a straw doll.

1481 Grille

American Restaurants, Steakhouses

This time, having fully experienced the American culture of the 19th century, we decided that the restaurant, where juicy steaks are prepared, will be a great end of the day. That's what happened. They cook here well, tasty meat, big burgers, a good choice of salads and drinks. The atmosphere is pretty noisy and fun - just what you need for a nice evening with friends.