Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota – Day 7: Lethal weapons and prairies

Today, we continue to enjoy the fickle nature of South Dakota. Well, who hasn't heard of prairie? It's a real natural symbol of America! We also visit a museum where weapons that have never been and will never be used are stored.
Journey Through the Wonders of Nature - North and South Dakota

Trip duration: 10 days

Gvenet Bloom

Red Rock Restaurant

American Restaurants

It's a colorful place, we liked it. Eat your meal with pleasure, and we're on our way. Please, if you follow our route, do not forget to take food with you on the road!

Canyon Lake Park


A peaceful and nice place to take a walk after breakfast and breathe clean air. Very clean and beautiful, neat paths, bridges, a lot of ducks and other birds. I wanted to stay here longer, but we have big plans for today, so it's time to move forward.

Badlands National Park

National Parks

The variety of patterns that adorn the mountains, striking its uniqueness, you can always look at the mountains. A good place to take a lot of beautiful shots and touch the pristine nature.

Range Country Lodging

Delta-09 Minuteman II Missile Silo

Historic Sites

This monument cannot be missed, as it is not just a local landmark, it is a reminder of the Cold War and a great visual guide to the history of the country. Next to the rocket there are information stands, where you can find information about the historical period as a whole. Pretty informative and instructive.

Buffalo Gap National Grassland

Nature Preserves

This park has the most beautiful views of the prairie! There's no other place like this on the whole globe. Did you miss the buffalo in time? We are, yes! We were lucky, and while we were admiring the prairies, the buffalo came to eat the grass. We hope you're as lucky as we are!

Sunset Grill

Dinner time! There are several cafes with sandwiches and pizza along the street. We decided to have dinner at the grill. Typical American fast food, everything is delicious and soulful. The restaurant closes at 8:00 p.m., so we stayed here for just an hour, picked up more potatoes and went for a walk.