Eagle rocks. Sky bridge. Nawalishinskoe Gorge. Skypark. Sochi National Park. The aviary complex of the Caucasian Reserve.

Journey around the outskirts of Sochi

Have you been to the outskirts of Sochi? Behind the city there are many natural attractions and entertainment centers. You will visit some of the most popular tourist destinations in the east of Sochi. In this two-day trip you will get to know the flora and fauna around Sochi, as well as visit one of the most famous tourist attractions - Skypark. The sights of the route are relatively close to the city itself and you do not have to spend much time on long trips.

Journey around the outskirts of Sochi

2 days itinerary by Tatiana Mumleva - Active Leisure - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Active Leisure

Day 1: Acquaintance with the outskirts of Sochi.

On this day we will visit all the famous Skypark and Sky Bridge, as well as go to Sochi National Park to see the beauty of the Krasnodar region.
Visiting: Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Kazachiy Brod

Day 2: The return journey back to Sochi.

On the second day we will visit the aviary complex of the Caucasian Reserve, the cableway and the Navalishin gorge.
Visiting: Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Estosadok