Ivangorod and the trip to Lake Ilmen – Day 4: Drive around Lake Ilmen

Today we will set out on a journey around the legendary and historic Lake Ilmen. First we plan to visit one of the most popular local beaches, and then go to the small town of Old Russa, where we will also find interesting sights.
Ivangorod and the trip to Lake Ilmen

Trip duration: 5 days

Egor Zhuravlev


Cafés, Bars

For a hearty breakfast, in the morning you should go to a small local cafe called Assorti. The establishment is very simple, but with a certain amount of comfort. It's self-service, very cheap.

Пляж Д. Корыстынь


Today's day will best start with a visit to one of the beaches of the famous Lake Ilmen. The nature here is amazing and unique, people from all over the country come here to enjoy the local picturesque scenery, as well as to swim in the waters of perhaps the most "epic" lake in Russia.

Кафе-бар Башня


The day's in full swing, so it's time to go out for lunch. There is a small restaurant in Old Russa called Café Bar Tower, where you can take a break and have a good meal. The cuisine is very varied and delicious.

Усадьба средневекового Рушанина

History Museums

In the afternoon you can visit one of the most curious attractions of the Staoy Russa - Rushanin Museum Estate. In this ancient building there are excursions, where visitors are offered to learn about the history and life of these places, as well as to feel many of the exhibits with their own hands. There is also a souvenir shop where you can buy something to remember.

Михайло-Клопский монастырь


On the way back you can see the ancient monastery, founded in the early fifteenth century. Today the monastery is being reconstructed, you can go inside the temple and see the ancient frescoes.

Street food Дом быта

Fast Food Restaurants

After rather long walks and excursions it's time to recover for dinner. On the way to the hotel there is a nice and modern café called Street Food. Here, in a cosy and relaxing environment, visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes, including a variety of sandwiches, rolls and salads.

Аркада гостиного двора

Historic Sites

And after dinner it would be nice to walk around the historical part of the city, for example, you can see the old living room yard.