Ivangorod and the trip to Lake Ilmen – Day 1: Acquaintance with historical heritage

Today begins our trip to the Leningrad region. First we will go to the south-west, where we plan to visit several ancient monuments of architecture. In the evening we intend to arrive in Kingisepp, from where we will continue our further journey.
Ivangorod and the trip to Lake Ilmen

Trip duration: 5 days

Egor Zhuravlev

Отель Лев

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

Me Gusto

Pizza Places

You can start your journey with lunch at a small pizzeria in the centre of Gatchina called Me Gusto. The interior of the place is quite simple, but also stylish and modern. In addition to a large selection of pizzas, the menu also offers a range of traditional snacks and desserts.

Церковь Святой Троицы

Historic Sites

The first attraction today will be the ruins of the Trinity Church in the village of Fifth Mountain. It is located on a small hill with picturesque views of the surrounding plains and forests. The church itself was built by some estimates in the early nineteenth century and functioned until the 1960s.

Копорская крепость


Another significant monument in the Leningrad region can safely be called the Koporye Fortress. It was built according to the estimates of archaeologists in 1237, for a long time during numerous battles it served as an important defensive border, and today some parts of it are restored and a separate part is open to the public.


Sushi Restaurants

Tokyo City is a small, cozy restaurant located right in the center of Kingisepp. Here visitors will find very well-established service and quiet atmosphere. The menu is dominated by a variety of Asian dishes, including light snacks, salads, as well as a large selection of sushi and rolls.