Incredible Nature of the State of Washington – Day 4: Mountain lake and picturesque forests

Today you go again to the National Parks, see a mountain lake, go along hiking routes and feel the nature.
Incredible Nature of the State of Washington

Trip duration: 7 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

DERU Market

Sandwich Places, Breakfast Spots, Coffee Shops

According to customers, the pizzeria serves delicious grilled sandwich, salad pizza and mushroom pizza. The place is famous for its good chocolate cake, coconut cake and cookies. An amazingl caramel latte, iced tea or peppermint lemonade is worth tasting at DERU. And again, be sure to order some takeout for lunch outdoors.

Lake Twentytwo Trail

Trails, Lakes

This is where the hiking begins. Enjoy a scenic walk!

Mt. Pilchuck Summit


Every year, many tourists climb Mount Pilchuck to enjoy breathtaking views of untouched nature. Rising to a height of 2,300 feet, you will see a panoramic view of Mount Baker, Mount Rainier and Olympic National Park.

The Dining Room at Salish Lodge & Spa

American Restaurants

Try delicious stuffed crab, pizza with prosciutto and Benedict eggs in this restaurant. Chefs make good cookies, pancakes and waffles. Customers claim the Attic at Salish Lodge serves great wine, champagne or ale.