In nine days of travel, you'll be in three states . Visit famous museums, see interesting sights . Walk through the famous parks . Try the best restaurants . Get a lot of positive emotions and impressions.

Illinois – Indiana – Ohio

What's the beauty of traveling? For a huge number of people, as well as for me, traveling is a hobby. It's a change of scenery, a meeting with new people, an opportunity to see things you've never seen before. This time we decided to go to the capitals of the three states of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We planned to start our journey and finish it in Springfield, so our trip was very busy. I hope you'll remember and enjoy this trip as much as I do, and you'll benefit from my advice and guidance!

Illinois – Indiana – Ohio

9 days itinerary by Darcy Moore - Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Welcome to Springfield!

We arrived in Springfield, the capital of Illinois. In a few days of our stay in this wonderful place we will visit the main pearl of the city, a lot of attractions associated with such an interesting and great personality as Abraham Lincoln and just enjoy the outdoors and visit the good restaurants.
Visiting: Springfield

Day 2: We're settling in Springfield

Today we have a very educational program for the day. We will visit the museums directly related to the life of Abraham Lincoln and learn more about him, as well as take a walk in the famous park. Although not as long routes await us, the day is filled with useful information and memorable places!
Visiting: Springfield

Day 3: We're on our way to Indianapolis

We have quite a rich program, so there is no point in staying in the same city for a long time. I'd like to see it all in time. Today we're heading to Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana. Very nice and memorable place. As we have a long and tedious road ahead of us, today we have planned a visit to just one attraction.
Visiting: Springfield, Indianapolis, Champaign

Day 4: Let's look at the city from the inside

This day we will allocate for viewing the most beautiful parks and places. Let's get to the interesting sights and museums and don't forget to keep in our memory all these bright moments!
Visiting: Indianapolis

Day 5: Let's go to Columbus

We continue our journey and go to another beautiful cozy city, which is the center of the state of Ohio. The road is long again, so when we get to the city, our goal is to visit only one park. Let's combine rest with sightseeing. It's nice to be useful, so to speak.
Visiting: Indianapolis, Columbus, Dayton

Day 6: Searching the corners of the city

We have all day to study this place. But actually, it's not that much, so the program of the day is very dense. We will visit two museums, take a couple of pictures against the background of Arnold Schwarzenegger's sculpture and walk in a wonderful park!
Visiting: Columbus

Day 7: The way back

We have arranged our journey in such a way as to fly in and out of Springfield, so it is time to move backwards. This kind of trip is a great opportunity to see the places that you did not have time to visit at once.
Visiting: Columbus, Cincinnati, Bloomington

Day 8: Back to Springfield and finish the trip.

The way back takes a lot of time and effort, so we will make a small stop to rest. When we get to Springfield, we'll look at the capitol and go on vacation. Tomorrow we'll have to go home, after that road we'll have to rest and regain strength.
Visiting: Bloomington, Terre Haute, St. Louis, Effingham, Springfield

Day 9: It's time to go home.

Today we have to return the car we rented and return to our homes. Whether we're glad to be back or not, it's a controversial question. It's always nice to come home, but it's also nice and interesting to travel.
Visiting: Springfield