Hospitable Yerevan – Day 4: Culture and History of Yerevan

For today, visits to rather unusual museums of the city are planned, in one of them it will be possible to get acquainted closer with the stages of the creative path of the famous Armenian director Sergey Parajanov, and in another - with the subtleties of local alcohol production. In the afternoon you will visit the memorial complex dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 1915 genocide.
Hospitable Yerevan

Trip duration: 5 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Blue Mosque (Կապույտ մզկիթ)


The Blue or Persian Mosque got its name because of the color of the dome cladding. The building, erected by the order of the Turkic Khan of Erivan Huseynali Khan Qajar in 1766, is today the only Muslim cathedral in Armenia. In Soviet times, the mosque was turned into a museum of Yerevan, and then into a planetarium. Today it is one of the cultural centers of the Iranian community of Armenia and a functioning mosque.

Pandok Yerevan (Պանդոկ Երևան)


The cooks of "Yerevan" tavern treat with reverent respect the precepts of national cuisine. All dishes are made according to traditional recipes and only from natural, fresh products grown by local farmers. There are many delicious grilled and tandoor meat and fish dishes on the restaurant menu. There is a rather diverse choice of dishes especially for breakfast - even eggs are served in five variations.

Sergei Paradjanov museum | Սերգեյ Փարաջանովի տուն-թանգարան


The famous director Sergey Parajanov, as you know, practically did not live in Armenia, but he gave his artistic heritage to the country from which he came. Based on his collection of sketches, collages and drawings, the Sergey Parajanov House Museum was founded in Yerevan, the exposition of which today counts about 600 works by the director. Here you can also study a rich documentary material: photos from filming, reviews of films in the press, personal belongings of Paradzhanov and other documents that reveal the creative world and personal life of one of the greatest directors of the 20th century.

Ararat Museum


One of the important sights of Yerevan is the Ararat cognac factory. Local cognac is firmly entrenched in history and became known throughout the world. The plant is still working today, but this does not prevent tours of it. Here you can learn more about the history of creation of cognac and the factory. In its cellars since XIX century precious kinds of cognac are kept, some sorts - the peers of the plant itself. In general, the building itself deserves attention: made of pink tuff, a volcanic rock from which many houses in Yerevan are built, it makes a grand impression. The tour is concluded by a tasting of cognacs with appropriate explanations. You have to make an appointment for the tour in advance.



Wonderful, authentic restaurant with live music. There is a wide choice of dishes of Caucasian cuisine waiting for you there: magnificent kebab cakes, kebabs cooked in the best traditions and not a bad choice of fine wines. And all this in a pleasant, friendly and hospitable atmosphere.

Armenian Genocide Memorial (Հայոց մեծ եղեռնի հուշահամալիր)

Memorial Sites, Monuments / Landmarks

Tsitsernakaberd is a plateau to the east of the city center, where the memorial dedicated to the Armenian Genocide itself is located. Walking along the mourning alley along the memorial wall, you will find yourself at the mausoleum, on top of which is a pointed obelisk. Inside, eternal fire burns and mourning music sounds.


BBQ Joints, Cafés, Restaurants

EL GARDEN is the perfect place to end a stormy and full of impressions day with a pleasant dinner. You will be met there by a polite and cultural staff, who will try to create the most peaceful environment for you. The facility offers the best European and Armenian dishes, excellent vegetarian menu, as well as a rich assortment of alcoholic drinks.