Hospitable Yerevan – Day 3: Tatev Monastery

Today you need to get up early, go to the mountains and visit the monastery, which has a history of over a thousand years.
Hospitable Yerevan

Trip duration: 5 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Tatev Monastery | Տաթևի վանք


Tatev Monastery is located high up in the mountains (and this is not the beginning of table toast) and far away from Yerevan (250 km, to be exact). It is most convenient to go there by taxi or car - the bus makes too many stops on the way. The plan is to rent a car and leave Yerevan early in the morning. In 20 kilometers you will see and feel another, traditional Armenia. Here are its signs: the road crosses a herd of cows, the locals pass by on donkeys, the air is so clean - at least drink a mug. To the monastery leads ropeway "Wings of Tatev" - the longest in the Guinness Book of Records, a minute. Driving on it is a little scary, but in just a few minutes in exchange for fear you will get one of the most exciting panoramas in your life. Fans of etymology will love the fact that "Tatev" is translated from Armenian as "give wings".

Harsnadzor Watchtower

Monuments / Landmarks

Many centuries ago, the guard post over the Arsnadzor Gorge played a strategically important role, it served as a signal tower in case of an enemy attack. The sentries, having noticed the strangers, beaten on the nabbath, which was soundly spreading to the nearest villages and informed the inhabitants about the invasion. And today this place must be visited to fully appreciate the pristine beauty of the local landscape.

Harsnadzor restaurant

Mediterranean Restaurants

The cozy cafe looks very ecological and fits perfectly into the general atmosphere of the surrounding area. The cuisine here is also excellent, authentic Armenian, many dishes cooked on open fire, salads and side dishes made of fresh local vegetables, and of course, homemade pomegranate wine.

English Park | Անգլիական այգի


To relax a little after a long road, take a walk in the oldest park in the city, the English park received its name in the XIX century, for its degree of comfort and popularity among representatives of high society. Today the park also remains a favorite place for residents and guests of the city. In the park there is a rosary, a children's town, several monuments and sculptural compositions.

U Artusha (У Артуша)


If you want soulful service and home cooking, welcome to the restaurant "U Artush". When you visit this place, it feels as if you've come to visit an old good friend. The owner of the restaurant personally welcomes guests and helps to decide on the choice of dishes. The food here is just great. Everyone who has visited the restaurant recommends ordering lamb meat and homemade raspberry wine. And if you like stronger drinks, you can't deny yourself the pleasure of apricot vodka.