Hospitable Yerevan – Day 2: Welcome!

Your first day in Yerevan will be quite busy: you will walk through the beautiful city streets, squares, climb to the top of the famous Cascade Memorial, and have dinner in a restaurant with a unique view of the city.
Hospitable Yerevan

Trip duration: 5 days

Elizaveta Smirnova



Welcome to Yerevan! There are still a few hours before check-in, and they can be enjoyed and tasty. Next, you'll be exploring the city centre, and in the meantime, enjoy a delicious breakfast in the pleasant bright interiors of Sherep Restaurant. Sherep is the first restaurant in Armenia with open kitchen, thanks to which guests can watch the process of cooking. In the restaurant's menu you will find the whole variety of Armenian cuisine, and the original serving will surprise you. Restaurant staff is always happy to help with the choice of food and drinks.

Republic Square (Հանրապետության հրապարակ)


The central city square is the best place to start getting acquainted with Yerevan. It is always crowded and there is a pleasant, fussy atmosphere. The main attraction of the square is its fountains. Be sure to come back here for an evening stroll to watch the illuminated jets of water soar up to classical music.

Charles Aznavour Square (Շարլ Ազնավուրի հրապարակ)


Another square in the center of the city, which must be visited. The attention of tourists is immediately attracted by unusual metal figures of animals made in the force of steampunk. During the hot season it will be nice to relax on a bench near the fountain and watch the ducks splashing in it.

Freedom Square (Ազատության հրապարակ)


The Freedom Square is the real epicenter of secular life in Yerevan. Here you can find monuments dedicated to important historical figures of Armenia and original sculptures - the children of modern creators, and temporary art objects, with which all tourists hurry to be photographed. In the middle of the square is the Swan Lake pond, which in winter turns into an urban ice rink.

Malocco Cafe Cascade


At the foot of the famous Cascade complex there is a pleasant cafe, which is perfect for a short snack, as well as for a full lunch. Eclectic, but at the same time laconic interior of the facility gives a sense of coziness and tranquility. There are many dishes on the menu that will appeal to the fans of healthy eating, as well as several vegetarian positions.

Special Events Auditorium at Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Jazz Clubs

The mission of Gafeschyan Art Center is to preserve and popularize the best samples of contemporary art made by the authors of Armenia. There are several exhibition pavilions, an information centre, a garden, traditional sculptures and modern installations on the vast territory of the centre. There are also regular temporary exhibitions and meetings with world-renowned cultural and artistic figures.

Top of the Cascade

Scenic Lookouts

The central point of interest of Yerevan is the cascade, construction of which began in the 70s. Officially, it's still not considered complete. By and large, it's a giant pompous staircase with artificial fountain waterfalls. The Cascade connects the city centre, lying in a lowland area, with residential areas up the slope. Today it is the most favorite place for citizens and tourists. The square before the cascade is occupied by modern sculpture. There's no one else you can meet: elephant hares, acrobats, and who knows what else. One can find, for example, several ironic works by the famous Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero. In addition to original works, there are copies of famous sculptures, such as the famous New York "Love" by Robert Indiana.

Cascade Royale

Modern European Restaurants

Cascade Royal Restaurant is not only a delicious food, fragrant wines and excellent service, but also a great sightseeing platform from which to view the whole city. You can sit indoors and enjoy the wonderful view through the panoramic windows, or have dinner on the outdoor terrace. For visitors to see the city architecture in detail, the restaurant has several binoculars, which can be used for free.

SAS Supermarket

Supermarkets, Grocery Stores

There's an early rise and a long road planned for tomorrow. Better take care of yourself in advance and buy breakfast products at your local supermarket.