Historical sights south of St. Petersburg – Day 2: On the way to Kingisepp.

Today we leave the town of Luga and go to Kingisepp. The path will not be close, but we plan to dilute our trip with walks through historical places of this region. In the evening after our arrival in the city there will be a walk through the parks of the city.
Historical sights south of St. Petersburg

Trip duration: 3 days

Alexander Kosar

Кафе "под Липками"

Mac & Cheese Joints

Early in the morning we headed for breakfast at a small cafe bar called "Under the Lipki". The interior of the institution as a whole is simple, but comfortable. In the menu we found some of our favorite dishes, among them there are summer salad, cold soup, and baked potatoes with vegetables.

Стела "Луга — город воинской славы"

Historic Sites

On the way, we stopped at another rather large memorial of military glory. As with other similar memorials, the area around the monument is very well-groomed and tidy, there is a small area where you can wander a little and reflect, around the monument there are commemorative signs.

усадьба Редкино

Historic Sites

The next stop on the way to Kingisepp was unfortunately the ruined Redkino Estate. A whole pleiad of buildings once were owned by the nobility, and representatives of the bourgeoisie, in the Soviet period there was a school, after which the estate was abandoned. It is generally pleasant to walk here. Although one must be careful, as the buildings are very dilapidated.


Sushi Restaurants

In Kingisepp, we stopped for lunch in a small cafe serving Asian cuisine. We took rolls, sushi and udon, we were satisfied.

На Фонтанах

Other Great Outdoors

In the evening we were in no hurry, so it was decided to walk around town. We wanted to start walking in the park, where there are several beautiful city fountains. In the evening it can be quite crowded, but the experience is not overshadowed.

Парк Романовка


The next place we went on our walk through Kingisepp was the historic Romanovka Park. There is also a fairly large area for the promenade, decorated with trees and bushes. In the center of the park there is a monument in the form of a bronze lion in honor of the hero of the Patriotic War, General KI Bistrom.

Gazpromneft filling station #74

la Provincia

Italian Restaurants

After a long walk, when we were hungry, we went to a small Italian restaurant La Provincia. It was very cozy and peaceful here. We chose several traditional Italian dishes, including spaghetti carbonara and lasagna. The service also left pleasant impressions - quickly and qualitatively.