Unforgettable taste of Phoenix hospitality. . Сulture of the Southern United States and its features. . Unique uncreated landscapes, romantic setting and incredible natural diversity. . Excellent cuisine of the southern coast with its national characteristics and traditions..

Grand Canyon Trip from Phoenix

This scenario contains some of the most interesting and exciting sights of the Southern United States. You will visit Phoenix really similar to Los Angeles with its wide, tree-lined avenues, Spanish-style architecture and the surrounding mountains. Like its Californian counterpart, Phoenix is ​​a metropolis with not one, but several centers, all at a considerable distance from each other. And the surrounding magnificent natural landscapes stretch from the Gila River to high plateaus far to the south and volcanic mountains to the north. Phoenix is ​​a number-one visitor destination, million people come here annually. In addition, you will visit the incredible Grand Canyon (nearly 1500 meters deep), which is the most impressive gorge in the world, formed near the Colorado River. Located in Arizona, it passes through the Grand Canyon National Park. Its layers trace the geological history of the last 2 billion years. It has also conserved vestiges of prehistoric human adaptation to particularly harsh conditions.

Grand Canyon Trip from Phoenix

7 days itinerary by Alexandr Kosar - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Welcome to the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix

The city agglomeration of Phoenix, once romantically called the "Valley of the Sun", is one of the most interesting tourist capital in North America. There are many unique cultural, historical and natural sites of great interest here. Well, our acquaintance with this place today will be rather brief and confined to a pleasure cruise and familiarity with local cuisine. But do not worry, a lot more coming.
Visiting: Phoenix, Las Vegas

Day 2: The first steps of our unforgettable journey

The city of Phoenix is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in the Southern United States. There are many interesting museums, scenic parks and squares, pieces of eye-catching street art and much more. But, since this wonderful city is not a final destination of our journey, we will see the little tip of this beautiful iceberg, get acquainted with the unusual American cooking, its traditions, interesting borrowings and pleasant features, and hit the road.
Visiting: Phoenix, Las Vegas

Day 3: Amazing nature of Phoenix neighborhood

The Southern United States are indeed an impressive natural area with a number of unique features. Due to the special climate, you can find amazing samples of flora and fauna and explore the amazing nature and truly romantic landscapes here. Today is going to be busy and eventful. In addition, we will enjoy authentic local cuisine in restaurants and cafes on the way.
Visiting: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Cave Creek, Anthem, Las Vegas

Day 4: Outdoor activities and more

Today is going to lead us to a bright new horizon of an unforgettable journey through the unique natural and historical sites of Arizona. Explore the amazing history and life of people inhabited these places many centuries ago. You will also enjoy a lot of interesting things, including local cusine and cooking traditions with a centuries-old history.
Visiting: Anthem, Camp Verde, Black Canyon City, Sedona, Cottonwood, Las Vegas

Day 5: Arizona National Parks and their natural diversity

This day we will discover unique national parks of the USA. We will visit the most beautiful and interesting places, monuments and viewpoints, experience a whole range of feelings and emotions from the contemplation of a powerful and enchanting nature and leave no space on a camera's memory card.
Visiting: Camp Verde, Flagstaff, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Sedona, Peach Springs, Grand Canyon, Tusayan, Las Vegas

Day 6: The Grand Canyon and its majestic landscapes

So we got to the culmination of our journey. The Grand Canyon National Park is the dream of any traveler, it belongs to the Seven Natural Wonders according to CNN. Here you will enjoy grandiose, romantic landscapes, fascinating walks and the most interesting immersion in the geology of this unique natural object.
Visiting: Tusayan, Grand Canyon Village, Grand Canyon, Williams, Ash Fork, Peach Springs, Las Vegas

Day 7: Farewell occasion

To date, we have already seen a lot of interesting things - one of the Seven Natural Wonders, many unique natural objects, and got acquainted with the culture and history of these wonderful places, but now our journey is coming to an end, and we have some time to enjoy the impressive local landscapes from car window and make a quick stop on a very beautiful beach of the Colorado River.
Visiting: Peach Springs, Las Vegas, Kingman, Hills Camp (historical)