Gastronomic tour in Pskov region and Smolensk region – Day 5: Magnificent Smolensk, traditions of drinking in Russia and history of bread.

We will spend almost the entire fifth day of the trip in Smolensk. We will walk around the city, visit war memorials, admire the view of the city from high hills. We will also visit the workshop, where we will be taught to bake bread and tell about the traditions of drinking in Russia.
Gastronomic tour in Pskov region and Smolensk region

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Лопатинский сад


Let's take a walk around Smolensk. Get acquainted with the architectural and park ensemble in the heart of the city, learn the history of the fortress wall XVI-XVII centuries - the longest in Europe. Climb the high hills of Smolensk, where the ancient church and the Holy Dormition Cathedral are the city's visiting cards.

Питер Пуш

Italian Restaurants, Pizza Places

Let's dilute the theme of Russian culinary art with Italian overtones. We'll go to lunch at Peter Push restaurant. Here you will find a full set of the best Italian dishes - from risotto and pizza to pasta and ravioli with various fillings. As they say, bellissimo!

Смоленская Изба


I recommend to visit the creative workshop "Smolenskaya Hut" in Smolensk. There are two interesting gastronomic excursions. The first one is called Traditions of Russian Bread - you will be told about traditions of baking and kinds of yeast-free bread, and then you will be invited to taste different kinds of bread and pancakes and honey. The second excursion is devoted to traditions of drinking in Russia. Here you will learn about the origin of Russian vodka and taste traditional Smolensk hop drinks with delicious snacks. This excursion is conducted only for groups from 20 people, so it makes sense to call the workshop in advance and try to join one of the groups. Always available alternative - individual lesson in painting cookies or gingerbread house glaze. Cost of such service 1700 rubles for 1-3 people.

Мемориал погибшим под Катынью


Finally we'll visit a very important place - the memorial "Katyn". It is located on the site of the tragic events of 1930-1940s and is dedicated to the residents of Smolensk region, who became victims of political repression and shot Polish prisoners of war. It is one of the few complexes in our country dedicated to the tragedy of the bloody epoch of Stalinist repressions. You can just walk around here and think. Or better yet, use the services of a guide who will tell you all the versions of those terrible events.

Gazpromneft filling station #310

Restaurant LEONID (Ресторан ЛЕОНИД)

Modern European Restaurants

Roadside restaurant "Leonid" in Safronovo is a real oasis in the desert for tired travelers. Careful service, fresh food, excellent serving. The service of borsch is especially delightful: soup is served in cast iron, with lard, pampouches with garlic and a pile of ice vodka.