Gastronomic tour in Pskov region and Smolensk region – Day 4: Apiary, distillery, tea party on Nikulin's estate and Smolensk pancakes.

In the morning, we'll visit the real apiary and try the honey chocolate. Then we'll gaze at the ruins of an old distillery and drink tea and cakes at the house of Yuri Nikulin. We'll spend the evening in Smolensk. In one of the best restaurants of the city we'll taste regional dishes: get ready for the pancake attack!
Gastronomic tour in Pskov region and Smolensk region

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Bee Hunter

Not far from Chistoe Lake, in the village of Tronino there is the only eco-tourist apiary in the Pskov Region "Bee Farm". Here you can learn about the history of beekeeping, bee life and honey production. The excursion includes tea drinking and tasting of bee products, workshops on making candles from wolf or honey chocolate. A visit to the Apidomics (sleep on hives) is also available. In memory of this wonderful place you can buy honey, pollen, wax, propolis, handmade candles. Excursion costs 300 rubles, master classes - from 200 rubles. You should make an appointment for the excursion in advance by phone or in [social networks](

Усвятское озеро


Let's stop for a while in the village of Usvyatye, which is almost on the border with Belarus. Not far from the route you can see the ruins of the distillery of the Korvin-Kurovsky brothers. The distillery was erected here in 1876 and was considered the largest in the region. The factory was severely damaged during the Second World War. After the war it was converted to beer production and 40 years later to carbonated beverages. But a devastating fire in 2002 put an end to the long history of the factory. The massive red brick ruins are still awe-inspiring - you can't miss them.

Кафе "Домашняя Кухня"


Home Cuisine" cafe is one of the first cafes that you will get after crossing the Smolensk Region border. Nourishing and inexpensive food, polite and responsive staff, charming design of the hall - there is nothing more to wish for a late lunch!

Дом-Усадьба Юрия Никулина


Demidovsky region presented the country with nine Heroes of the Soviet Union. And also Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin was born here. The house where the legendary actor was born and spent his childhood is not preserved. But he was recreated from photographs and placed in it a cultural and tourist complex. The atmosphere here is incredibly warm and hearty, there are a lot of old photographs hanging everywhere - as if Yuri Vladimirovich himself had really come to visit. The owner of the complex will gladly tell you about the actor's life, and at the same time will give the guests tea and cakes.

Соборная гора

Historic Sites

We'll spend the rest of the evening in Smolensk. There are so many interesting things in the hero city that it is impossible to get around it in a couple of hours or even a day. But we will try!


Russian Restaurants

I offer dinner in one of the best restaurants in town, "Dungeon". The average bill here - 1500-2000 rubles per person, but it is worth it. In general, Smolensk cuisine is largely determined by geography. For example, there are plenty of mushrooms here, so there are enough fine dishes of mushrooms. The influence of the neighboring countries, from which the tarsmen borrowed the best in the culinary sphere, is felt. So what do you want to try in the Dungeon? Mushroom juicy cutlets with baked potatoes or wild mushroom pancakes. There are a lot of pancakes here - for the whole company you can take "Horse pancakes from Fyodor Konya": 1 kg of pancakes with different additives. The owners assure that the borscht in this restaurant is the most "right" - it is served with rye toast and ice cream lard. In general, Smolensk borsch is more similar to Lithuanian and Polish versions - necessarily of two types of meat, but without cabbage and potatoes. Only baked beet and roots, and the taste is created by lemon juice and sometimes a drop of port.