Fun weekend with the family. – Day 1: Saint-Petersburg - Sosnovy Bor - Pskov

We'll visit the museum of railway equipment, learn a lot about trains. We will plunge into the atmosphere of childhood in Andersengrad, remember such favorite fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen from childhood. On the way to Pskov there are many more interesting sights waiting for us: the Kopor fortress, a cozy museum in the town of Slantsy, the Gdov fortress.
Fun weekend with the family.

Trip duration: 3 days

Anastasia Baklanova

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Фондовая площадка "Пионерский парк" ЦМЖТ России


The Pioneer Park is a branch of the Central Museum of Railway Transport of Russia, located in St. Petersburg. Here you can see a collection of railway equipment, including one of the oldest commercial steam locomotives of the E series of pre-revolutionary design. In total there are more than forty units of railway equipment on the site. Pay attention: You can visit the museum only by preliminary request, more detailed information can be found at [official website](


Historic Sites

Another place the kids will love. Andersengrad is an architectural ensemble inspired by the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. All buildings are made in the style of the Middle Ages, and in the center of the complex rises the tower "Town Hall", the entrance to which is guarded by a sculpture of the Tin Soldier.


Cafés, General Entertainment, Cafeterias

On the territory of the complex there is an excellent cafe, where you can have a delicious lunch and immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of childhood.

Копорская крепость


We'll meet the Kopor fortress on the way, but we won't stay here long. The fortress was founded by knights of the Livonian Order, but in 1703 it was taken over by the Russians.

Краеведческий Музей Сланцев

History Museums

The long road is quite tiresome, I suggest visiting a cozy museum in the small town of Slantsy. The most part of the exposition is devoted to the history of origin and development of the city. Here you will find photos, documents, household items reflecting the history of the city enterprises, the history of oil shale and oil shale industry development in the Leningrad region. Please note! Mode of operation: Daily except Monday: 10.00 - 18.00.

Гдовская крепость


We visit the Pskov region, and we are met by another interesting attraction - the Gdov Fortress. The fortress is not far from Lake Peipsi. The first mention of the fortress dates back to the 14th century, it was an important strategic object, as it always took the first blows of knightly regiments from the west. Unfortunately, there is little left of the castle today, only the ruins of the castle walls and earth ramparts.



We finally made it to Pskov. Now I suggest we have dinner in a cozy cafe and go to the hotel. In the menu you will find dishes of European, Russian and Asian cuisine.