From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history – Day 4: Beautiful sensations from the Pavlovsky Park and the ancient mansion

We go to the Nabokov Rozhdestvenno Estate, walk around the old house and around it, drive to Pavlovsky Park and finish our trip with lunch at an Italian restaurant.
From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history

Trip duration: 4 days

Olesya Ponomaryova

Кафе "под Липками"

Mac & Cheese Joints

Morning starts with a delicious breakfast! The cafe is very simple, absolutely without delicacies, but the food is delicious. Coffee to cheer up, dessert and on the way!

Дом Набокова

Historic Sites

Uncle Vladimir Nabokov bequeathed the Christmas estate to him just before the revolution. Beautiful Bar house with columns, overlooking the river balconies, a church near the family tomb, cozy warm halls. The stoves are still drowning there. The house is luxurious even now, after 100 years of untimely. There's a table in the living room. Oven with beautiful tiles. On the walls of the collection of butterflies. And a portrait of an uncle, the owner of the estate. The prose writer himself then longed for these places in Switzerland, nostalgia for his homeland, which he told us about without shame and shyness in the book "Other Shore".

Pavlovsk Park (Павловский парк)


Pavlovsky Park - a real pearl of the museum-reserve! And the river valley, and ponds, Silvia, pavilions, sculptures, pastorals, bridges - all the beauty of the extraordinary! Russian and foreign architects took part in the design of this park. The winding riverbed, the picturesque hills - just paradise corners everywhere you look. It's a great place for photo shoots and walks. We'd walk for our own pleasure until we just fell to the grass from fatigue. Get some rest.

Uno Cafe

Italian Restaurants

We decided that it was time for some refreshments and went to an Italian cafe near the park. The first thing we did was drink fresh lemonade. And then we had a wonderful dinner! We're going to spoil the food of this region. The soup is delicious, but we didn't limit ourselves to it. We took a slice of pizza. All delicious and fresh, quick service. We're very happy with it.