From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history – Day 2: Extraordinary impressions from the place of the feat.

Today we will visit Lake Chudskoe, the place of glory of the Russian spirit. We will see and take pictures near the monument in honor of the Ice Battle, walk along the embankment of the river Velikaya in Pskov, taste delicious dishes.
From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history

Trip duration: 4 days

Olesya Ponomaryova

Кофе Time

Cafés, Tea Rooms

We had a wonderful night's sleep, and now good breakfast before a good day! I thought it was a great place for breakfast and more! It's clean, neat, delicious and cozy in this cafe. Got espresso, pancakes with different fillings and cheesecake. I liked everything. It's time for us to travel.

Чудское озеро (пляж)


The next point of our trip is Lake Peipsi! Well, who doesn't know it? Every schoolboy knows it! The place of glory of our weapons and the triumph of justice on earth. In the battle on Lake Peipsi our Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky defeated the troops of the Livonian Order. But he was only 21 years old at that time! While driving, admiring his feat, and as they arrived, walked on the shore, breathed a breeze, admired the beauty of the place itself. What the hell is the lake! The whole sea in sight. Wave, fresh air, beautiful view! Such impressions remain for a long time...

Усадьба Журавлёвых

Ресторан Медведь


We wandered on the beach of Lake Peipsi for a long time. Believe me, it's worth it! It's so beautiful there! A boundless lake, strict clouds - the views are just delightful! We took a lot of pictures and walked. We hungry in the fresh air! We stopped in a cafe on the way and did not miss! Everything is so deliciously cooked at their place! The ear is delicious, baked fish and side dishes, desserts... It's detailed, homemade. Steady and measured. Fragrant and delicious. Nobody's in a hurry to go anywhere. It's kind of solid in the north. We recommend it.

Монумент в память о Ледовом побоище

Monuments / Landmarks

After lunch, we're back to history again. And anyway, it's all breathing down here. Here is a majestic monument to Alexander Nevsky and his soldiers. It is beautiful and monumental. It's famous both for adults and youth. Weddings probably come to him for a blessing. Or maybe they thank him for his victory.

Набережная реки Великой

Waterfronts, Pedestrian Plazas

Let's take a walk along the embankment of the Velikaya River. The names here are as heroic as the places themselves. And how did you want it? A Western outpost from the deep Middle Ages protecting our land from the west. The embankment is very worthy of Pskov and proud of it, and very fair. And the air! How I like the fresh air here! It's a wonderful walk!

Mojo Gastrobar


Well, I love it here! We took a dip, breathed, and there he is, the gastropub, right in the fortress wall! Before you can get hungry, and caring Pskov residents have already prepared all sorts of dishes! And seriously, we came here to have dinner and we didn't regret it. That's the good thing about the people here is to do everything nicely. Let's just say it's not cheap, but it's worth it! I liked the menu very much. It was prepared and serviced quickly. It's delicious. It's good. It's exquisite.