Visit the Winchester Mystery House . Take a walk through amazing natural landscapes . Discover legends and myths of Los Angeles . Visit California's most sinister museum.

From San Jose to Los Angeles: Adventure with a Touch of Mystery

A trip that is perfect for friends who are passionate about urban legends and outdoor activities. There are several places in the route, shrouded in legends and ominous rumors, however, this is not the heart of the trip. Moving from San Jose to Los Angeles, we will visit the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, known as a the Winchester Mystery House, and in the City of Angels we will hunt for ghosts in Hollywood. And between these cities we will visit places that look mesmerizing and breathtaking even without supernatural stuff. We will be on wide sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs, walk along forest trails and observe sea lions, as well as visit inexpensive, but very worthy restaurants.

From San Jose to Los Angeles: Adventure with a Touch of Mystery

6 days itinerary by Grace Hartman - History and Culture, Active Leisure - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Active Leisure

Day 1: Your trip starts now

We arrive in San Jose, walk in the park, have dinner at a Japanese grill restaurant and... go to sleep. The day comes to an end and it's time to relax, tomorrow we go hunt the ancient ghosts down.
Visiting: Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Angeles

Day 2: Mystery House and Nature Reserve

Today, we are going to meet with mysticism in an old house that once belonged to the widow of firearms magnate Sarah Winchester. Inside, the house looks like a maze, and it is quite possible we will see ghosts here. And in the afternoon we will enjoy beautiful views in the nature reserve.
Visiting: San Jose, Mountain View, Los Angeles

Day 3: Along the coastline

In fact, we could drive from San Jose to Los Angeles in a day. But should we? After all, we can stop on rocky beaches, wander along hiking trails, ride along winding roads and just enjoy every moment.
Visiting: San Jose, Santa Cruz, Moss Landing, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Los Angeles

Day 4: Going on the sea lions adventure

Wespend today outdoors, first we visit a rocky national park, and then have a walk along the beach and watch the sea lions, otters and groundhogs. And for lunch and dinner, we check out colorful Mexican restaurants.
Visiting: Pacific Grove, Paicines, Monterey, King City, Morro Bay, Nipomo, Solvang, Los Angeles

Day 5: City of Angels and Ghosts

Today we drive through picturesque natural parks, and spend the evening in Los Angeles, going through the places mentioned in the mysterious city legends.
Visiting: Solvang, Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara County, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, Glendale, Los Angeles

Day 6: Final day of the trip

It's time to go home, but we've decided to check out the Los Angeles Museum of Death to tickle our nerves a bit, I should warn you, this place is significantly different from, for example, the Winchester Mystery House, and you should visit it only if you are ready to see really scary stuff.
Visiting: Glendale, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County