Ivangorod fortress and Narva castle. Lake Peipsi coastline. Pskov Krom.

From Ivangorod along Lake Chudskoye to ancient Pskov.

In the coming days castles, waterfalls, fortresses of the Leningrad and Pskov regions are waiting for us. Our trip will start in Ivangorod, where we will get acquainted with the works of the famous artist Ivan Bilibin, walk along the quay, or as it is called here, promenade, and see the massive Ivangorod castle. On the way from Ivangorod to Pskov we will repeatedly find ourselves on the shore of Lake Peipsi, enjoy its majesty and calmness. We will see the deserted streets of Pskov, its ancient Kremlin, charming with its originality.

From Ivangorod along Lake Chudskoye to ancient Pskov.

3 days itinerary by Ksenia Beskova - History and Culture, Active Leisure - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Active Leisure

Day 1: Narva Castle, Ivangorod Fortress and dinner at a restaurant on the shore of Lake Peipsi.

At the beginning of the day we will meet several small waterfalls in the Leningrad region. We will stop for lunch in Kingisepp and spend most of the day in Ivangorod, which is much more interesting than it may seem at first sight.
Visiting: Gdov, Ivangorod, Slantsy, Kingisepp, Gostilitsy, Centralniy, Narva

Day 2: Safety of Lake Peipsi and European Pskov

Morning on the coast of Lake Peipsi. A good place for a dialogue with yourself. The sound of waves, soft sand, fresh air. It feels safe. Along this lake, through a very tiny and two-storey city of Gdov, we will move to medieval Pskov. Wandering through the streets without looking at the details. Trust the rhythm of the city.
Visiting: Pskov, Gdov, Kolokolovo, Spitsino, Zabolot'ye

Day 3: Return to the Leningrad region.

At the beginning of the day we will visit the gastronomic market for dairy products manufactured in Pskov, and immediately after that we will find ourselves on a peninsula in the Leningrad region. Our trip to the city of Pushkin will be over. More precisely, in the museum-reserve "Tsarskoe Selo", among palaces, ponds and bridges.
Visiting: Pskov, Pushkin, Centralniy, Sorochkino, Strugi-Krasnyye, Krasnyy Oktyabr'