From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states... – Day 7: Dallas attractions

Today is essentially the end of our Midwest trip. We plan to visit the main city attractions, including a variety of museums, a nature reserve and a zoo.
From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states...

Trip duration: 8 days

Michael Hudson


Fast Food Restaurants, Fried Chicken Joints, Food Services

Our first morning in Dallas we decided to start at a small fast food cafe Chick-fil-A. For breakfast you can order various sandwiches and burgers, yogurts and buns, donuts and muffins, as well as an omelette with bacon and a fruit bowl. The atmosphere in the institution is very friendly and positive, expressed primarily in service.

Dallas Zoo


Dallas residents can probably be proud of the city's zoo, because it's not only the largest, but also the oldest zoo in the state of Texas. Here, as close as possible to the natural environment, a huge number of different species of animals are kept. You can see African lions, giraffes and elephants, penguins, bears and monkeys.

Dallas Museum of Art

Art Museums

The cultural gem of the city can be rightly called the Dallas Museum of Art. Here anyone, even those who are very far from art, will be able to better understand and join it to the extent of their desire. The museum's collections include works by such masters as Manet, Monet, Pissarro, Van Gogh and Renoir.

La Ventana

Mexican Restaurants, Taco Places

The day was in full swing, so we decided to take a little break for lunch. For this, a Mexican restaurant called La Ventana was a great fit. In this very cozy establishment there was a very friendly and hospitable atmosphere. We decided to order ourselves some tacos, as well as a burrito.

Nasher Sculpture Center

Art Museums

The Nasher Sculpture Center is another cultural object of the city that can impress anyone. Here visitors can see works by the most original and extravagant sculptors of the past and present. The history of the museum dates back to the 50s of the last century, so that during this time a huge number of different masterpieces have accumulated here.

Cedar Ridge Preserve

Nature Preserves

The Cedar Ridge Preserve is the place where locals as well as tourists escape from the city and its endless fuss. For tourists there are about nine miles of different paths and paths leading to the most beautiful landscapes. There are also many picnic spots and small blooming gardens for those who like a quiet holiday.

Al Biernat's Prime Steak & Seafood

Steakhouses, American Restaurants

After a long walk through the reserve we decided to go to the city center for lunch at Al Biernat's Prime Steak & Seafood restaurant. The atmosphere here was quiet, calm and cozy. The menu included a huge number of meat and fish dishes as well as a variety of seafood. Among this variety we chose fried oysters as well as chicken wings.