From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states... – Day 2: Exploring Atlanta.

Today will be entirely dedicated to the city of Atlanta. We plan to visit the most significant and interesting sights of the city, among which there will be several museums, the oceanarium, of course, we will certainly look into the green oasis of the city - the Botanical Garden to see the shows held there.
From Atlanta to Dallas, a journey through five states...

Trip duration: 8 days

Michael Hudson

West Egg Café

Breakfast Spots, Coffee Shops

We had a lot of plans so far, so we woke up early and went to the West Egg Cafe for breakfast to make it happen. The menu offers a rather extensive selection of traditional breakfast dishes, including omelette with bacon and vegetables, various vegetarian dishes, as well as toasts and cakes with a variety of fillings and syrups.

High Museum of Art

Art Museums

Our journey begins at the High Museum of Art, one of Atlanta's major cultural sites. It contains numerous collections of various artists from all corners of the world. For example, we came to an exhibition called "Gates of No Return", where models of different buildings were shown in miniature. Also our attention was attracted by the collection of photos and paintings of contemporary artists.

National Center for Civil and Human Rights

History Museums

Then we went to a place worth visiting for every American - the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. The expositions of this center tell in all colors what a hard and thorny way our ancestors went in order to build a democratic society and to form those rights, which for us today are an integral part. Here you can learn about the emergence of the American movement for citizens' rights, as well as about current global organizations and their activities.

Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall

American Restaurants

After a very long and interesting excursion in the museums of the city, we decided to go to the restaurant Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall for lunch. The interior situation here was very cozy, and the availability of places in the open air was also pleased. The menu has many familiar dishes such as sandwiches, fried wings, various salads and much more. It's also important to remember that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Georgia Aquarium


For today we have already toured enough museums, so it was decided to devote time in the afternoon to a visit to the Georgia Aquarium, which is the largest of its kind in the western hemisphere. We were able to see such rare species here as whale shark, beluga, sea lions, dolphins, African penguins, as well as numerous small inhabitants of the sea depths.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens

One of the most beautiful and important places in Atlanta is Atlanta Botanical Garden. The incredible atmosphere created by a variety of flowers, bushes and trees is often complemented by a variety of activities, including a night show of lights and lights, and a unique parade of dogs where owners dress their pets up in a variety of funny costumes and more.

Cafe Agora

Mediterranean Restaurants, Turkish Restaurants

For today we have already managed most of the planned, so we decided to spend our evening, quietly dining in a cozy place. Our acquaintances advised us the restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine Cafe Agora. The choice of dishes here was very wide, for example, we liked dolma, as well as hummus and falafel. In addition, we were pleased with the range of salads and meat dishes.