Family trip to the farms of the Leningrad Region – Day 2: Life and life on the Farm of Joy

Today's program includes a lot of interesting things: getting acquainted with the life of the Farm of Joy, active outdoor activities in the area of the Losevsky rapids and dinner at sunset by the lake.
Family trip to the farms of the Leningrad Region

Trip duration: 3 days

Darina Frantz

Рынок | Markkinat | Market (Рынок)


Buy all the necessary food for the picnic, which will be on the river bank.



On this wonderful farm you will get a full set of entertainments for the exhausted city dweller - to milk a cow or a goat, to participate in haymaking, to feed animals. Here you won't be discouraged from helping. Those who simply want to have a rest are invited to excursions, festive celebrations and master classes in folk crafts: making products from hay, wood or dough.

Озеро Бородинское


You have to spend time in silence and unity with nature. Take your time anywhere, find your ideal place and just be in the moment. If you are lucky with the weather, be sure to swim in the waters of Lake Borodino. Have a picnic in nature, dream about the beautiful and go further towards adventure.

Baza otdikha Svyazist

Мост через реку Вуоксу


Be sure to stop by this bridge and watch the extreme athletes trying to cope with the bubbling streams of water. It's spectacular!


Rest Areas, Event Spaces

If you are still searching for activities, be sure to take a look here. Bicycle rentals and equipment for water sports and outdoor games are available on site. In winter, there is also a rental of toy and ice skates.

Ресторан загородного клуба «Дача»


What can decorate your dinner? Of course, a dazzling sunset and a view of Lake Sukhodolskoye. The polite staff of this institution will do anything to make you want to come back here again. The menu offers familiar to us dishes of European and Russian cuisine.