For families with kids . Visit the most interesting museums and galleries . Meet the inhabitants of the wild nature and the underwater world . Spend time outdoors and have fun in an amusement park.

Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C.

The only thing better than a road trip is a family road trip! We have planned places for you interesting for both the young adventurers and their parents. The settled route makes the trip not only entertaining, but also informative. The travel scenario originates in Washington D.C., and in this city you visit the most interesting natural science museum, you can almost touch the stars and learn a lot of fascinating facts about flying machines in the local planetarium and, of course, explore the inhabitants of the zoo. On the way to Philadelphia, you stop in small towns, each of which has its own zest, whether it is untouched nature reserves, or collections of works by local artists. Some days of the scenario offer alternatives of places to visit so that children of any age can spend time with joy and fun and get unforgettable impressions.

Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C.

10 days itinerary by Elena Sadchikova - Families with Kids, History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Families with Kids, History and Culture

Day 1: Welcome to Washington D.C.

So, you are in Washington D.C., and this means that your unforgettable family trip will begin soon. The program of today will not be too intense, it includes only a visit to a Mexican restaurant and a walk in the park, but tomorrow you will have many bright new impressions.
Visiting: Washington D.C., Philadelphia

Day 2: Meet the inhabitants of the wild

Can't wait to see surprises of the first full day in Washington D.C.? Let's lift the shroud of mystery: today you visit the zoo, watch the bizarre representatives of the animal world, and also visit the museum of natural science to explore the history of our planet, starting from prehistoric times.
Visiting: Washington D.C., Philadelphia

Day 3: Your adventure starts now

Today, you can get closer to the stars in Washington Planetarium, look at the flowering of rare plants in the vast territory of the Botanical Garden, and then spend family time with joy and fun in an amusement park, where every member of the family can enjoy the entertainment.
Visiting: Washington D.C., Bowie, Lanham, Philadelphia

Day 4: From Bowie to Baltimore

Visit a real farm in the morning, and then go to Baltimore. The landmark of this city, interesting for both children and adults, is the urban aquarium, and in the evening you can enjoy the view of the city from the viewpoint located in a real pagoda.
Visiting: Bowie, Baltimore, Millersville Forest, Crofton, Philadelphia

Day 5: Close to nature

Today you will get a chance to look at unusual plants and animals not only in the zoo or the greenhouses of the botanical garden, but also in natural environment. After lunch, you will visit a very picturesque place, a park in the Susquehanna River Valley, where you can take a close look at interesting representatives of flora and fauna.
Visiting: Baltimore, Havre de Grace, Elkton, Wilmington, Philadelphia

Day 6: Visit to the museum and outdoor activities

To make the day the most interesting for travelers of any age, visit one of the two museums of your choice in the morning: it can be a fun educational space for kids, or a museum of fine art. In the afternoon, enjoy a family walk in the nature park.
Visiting: Wilmington, Philadelphia

Day 7: Philadelphia: parks and museums

Explore Philadelphia, the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. Enjoy subsequent days of your journey in this sunny and slightly bustling metropolis. Visits museums of your choice, enjoy city parks and make a lot of excellent family photos with the city attractions.
Visiting: Philadelphia

Day 8: Walking with butterflies and sharks

It's time to go! Today you visit the aquarium, where amazing ocean dwellers swim right over your head, and also walk along the pavilion with tropical plants, surrounded by fluttering butterflies. As always, we've selected the best cafes and restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner for your convenience.
Visiting: Camden, Philadelphia

Day 9: Philadelphia Museums: Antiquity Time

The day is very educational both for children and their parents, because two extremely interesting museums are planned for today, one offers the skeletons of dinosaurs and other creatures of the Mezozoic era, and the other - exploration of the ancient civilizations. Have a final family trip dinner at a very authentic French restaurant.
Visiting: Philadelphia

Day 10: Time to go home

Our trip is coming to an end and there is not much time left for departure. Have a breakfast in a cozy cafe, stroll through the beloved city center and buy souvenirs for friends and memorable trifles for yourself.
Visiting: Philadelphia