Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C. – Day 7: Philadelphia: parks and museums

Explore Philadelphia, the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. Enjoy subsequent days of your journey in this sunny and slightly bustling metropolis. Visits museums of your choice, enjoy city parks and make a lot of excellent family photos with the city attractions.
Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C.

Trip duration: 10 days

Elena Sadchikova

JFK Plaza / Love Park


The "Love" bright installation has become a kind of symbol of Philadelphia. Start the exploration of the city with this place, take a few memorable pictures, and then walk along the town hall and other sights.

Federal Donuts

Donut Shops, Fried Chicken Joints

So beloved by the citizens, the place offers variety of delicious donuts: hot and glazed, with different toppings and fillings - the dream of any child. And if you are not used to starting day with sweets, you can take a breakfast sandwich, a burger, or a fried chicken.

Eakins Oval


The main attraction of the square is the majestic monument in honor of America’s first popularly elected president, George Washington. The figure of the president towers over the sculptural groups symbolizing the indigenous peoples of America, as well as the inhabitants of the wild nature, in the base of the monument there are several fountains. Fairs, open-air exhibitions and other events are often held on the square.

Please Touch Museum


This children's museum is notable for the fact that any exhibits in it can and should be touched, they are designed for the very game interaction. During the game, children learn something new about the world around them: wildlife, art, and the laws of physics. And under the glass dome in the large hall is a copy of the torch of the statue of liberty, which, unlike the original, is made entirely of toys. The museum hosts weekly master classes, check the schedule on the official website. Please Touch would interest the children from three to ten years old.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Art Museums

According to the tradition, as an alternative to the children's museum, we offer to visit the gallery of fine art. The Philadelphia Art Museum contains works by the greatest masters of painting and drawing, who made a huge contribution to the development of world art. Here you can explore the paintings of Rembrandt and Rubens, marvel at the fantastic ideas of Salvador Dali and follow Picasso's creative path. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, the entrance is free for children under 12 years.

Little Pete's


A good diner with tasty and inexpensive food has long been one of the favorite places for lunch with the Philadelphians. This cozy and slightly bustling place is more suitable for a quick meal than for long relaxed conversations, but that would be good for us, there are still many discoveries ahead.

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

Sculpture Gardens

The Philadelphia's Magic Gardens is an open-air museum that represents the facade of a house and a labyrinth at the entrance, each corner of which is decorated with a mosaic of glass or ceramic tile, and some decorative elements are entirely made of household items used before: dishes and kitchen utensils, tools and old toys. Many Magic Gardens visitors say the place reminds them of Gaudi’s works in Barcelona, ​​there are those who disagree and consider such art too simple and naive, but you can make up your own mind only by visiting the open-air museum yourself. The museum is open on Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm, and from 11 am to 5 pm on other days.

Washington Square


The day route finals are coming up, which means it’s time for the family outdoor activities. Start your walk from Washington Square, then follow the paths of the Independence Park and walk past the old town hall and the Liberty Bell to the National Constitution Center. This park is a great place for both active family walk and exploration of key junctures in the American history.


Israeli Restaurants

"Zahav" means "gold" in Hebrew, and the name is perfect for this restaurant, which is a real gastronomic treasure. The restaurant’s dishes combine old-fashioned Israeli recipes and a modern professional chefs approach. The restaurant is equipped with a real wood stove for cooking of traditional Laffa bread every day.