Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C. – Day 4: From Bowie to Baltimore

Visit a real farm in the morning, and then go to Baltimore. The landmark of this city, interesting for both children and adults, is the urban aquarium, and in the evening you can enjoy the view of the city from the viewpoint located in a real pagoda.
Family Adventure Holidays: Road Trip to Philadelphia from Washington D.C.

Trip duration: 10 days

Elena Sadchikova

Nautilus Diner & Restaurant


Diner for a road trip. The menu has a good selection of dishes for breakfast. Here you can order Benedict scrambled eggs with various additions, such as bacon or crab meat. And there is a large selection of cakes, pastries and cakes, which are prepared according to simple homemade recipes, which makes them even more delicious.

Kinder Farm Park


On the way to Baltimore there is a place that will be interesting to visit for people with children. Spacious, rurally charming park where you can walk and watch the animals: lambs, goats, pigs and domestic birds. The farm also has a small museum and a children's playground with slides and swings.


Portuguese Restaurants

Nando's is a restaurant that attracts with bright, memorable interiors and, of course, delicious chicken dishes. The restaurant’s recipes are based on African cuisine, its owners are especially proud of the seed sauce of Chile, the traditional recipe of which came almost unchanged from Mozambique. There is also a large number of side dishes, salads and delicious desserts on the menu.

National Aquarium


The Baltimore Aquarium represents a real ecosystem of coral reef, you can look at the majestic sharks, friendly dolphins and other marine life, and explore eight species of jellyfish here. There are also many exotic birds, reptiles, and mammals. There are even sloths. The aquarium is open until 17:00 from Monday to Thursday, until 20:00 on Friday and Saturday, until 18:00 on Sunday.

Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center

Patterson Park


Very nice place for walking, beloved by locals. The main attraction of the park is a high pagoda, inside of which there is a spiral staircase leading to a viewing platform. It offers an interesting view of the city and the river. And walking along the alleys and the shore of the pond, you will most likely meet representatives of the local fauna - waterfowl and curious squirrels friendly with people.

Verde Pizza Napoletana

Pizza Places

The main distinctive feature of Neapolitan pizza is the dough, soft but extra crispy. In Verde Pizza Napoletana, a traditional Italian dish is cooked in the wood stove, and the hand-mix dough is used. The Neapolitan atmosphere is also complemented with a wine list including some craft Italian drinks.