Extraordinary eco-tour: Volga, parks, lakes and a little extreme. – Day 1: Active recreation

Today we have a plan to visit the farm where they grow alpacas. After that we will go towards the national park "Zavidovo", where we will be able to try not only unusual extreme sports, but also just relax on the lake shore and do some fishing.
Extraordinary eco-tour: Volga, parks, lakes and a little extreme.

Trip duration: 3 days

Anastasia Baklanova

Hyundai Solaris

Пончики из детства

Dumpling Restaurants, Candy Stores

Before we begin our unforgettable journey, we need a proper refreshment. For breakfast, I offer delicious pastries.

Ferma "Rossiyskiye Al'paki"

Here we will be charged with positive emotions for the whole day and get to know such an amazing animal as alpaca. Before you travel, read more about the farm services. As they provide both group and individual visits. It is also worth noting that individual visits are only possible on weekdays.

Mamma Italia

Italian Restaurants

We'll have lunch and go on the road. There's plenty more to look forward to!

Акватория лета

Surf Spots

A unique multi-sport entertainment complex that includes all formats of active recreation. Here you can try it: wakeboarding, wakesurfing and even windsurfing. You can find a detailed price for all services on the official website.

Рыбалка "Завидово"


The day was full of events, it's time for some rest! You can even go fishing.



I offer dinner in a quiet atmosphere by the lake. Here you will find the most helpful waiters and the most varied menu.